Boards & Commissions

Approximately 135 residents are appointed by the City Council to aid in the development and oversight of city policy through their volunteer service on city and regional committees, boards, and commissions.

Interested in serving on a board or commission? Visit the boards and commissions vacancies pages for more information on vacancies. 
  1. Apply

    Find out the requirements for applying to serve on a board or commission, how to apply when there is a vacant seat, Who will review your application, the interview and acceptance process.

  2. Annual Forms

    View a list of annual forms each board and commission needs to file with the City Clerk.

  3. Vacancies

    Find a list of boards and commissions that have a vacancies to fill.

  4. Requirements

    Read through the requirements for boards and commissions as presented in the City Code. Requirements include meeting notifications, quorum, minutes, and more.

  5. Architectural Advisory Board

    View meeting details, member information, and agendas and minutes for the Architectural Advisory Board.

  6. Arts and Humanities Council of Falls Church

    CATCH advises the City Council on public policy promoting activities, programs, events and strategies that encourage arts, history, and cultural education and strengthens the vitality of these efforts in the City of Falls Church and serve as a catalyst in the greater community.

  7. Aurora House Advisory Committee

    Read through a brief overview, meeting schedule, and the members.

  8. Board of Equalization

    Learn about the Board of Equalization (BOE), their meeting schedule, and member information.

  9. Board of Zoning Appeals

    View a list of current members, agendas and minutes, when the meetings are, and a brief description about the board.

  10. Citizens Advisory Committee on Transportation

    Find the meeting time and location, member information, and the agenda with attached items.

  11. Economic Development Authority

    Browse through meeting agendas and minutes, member information, and when the next Economic Development Authority meeting will be held.

  12. Environmental Sustainability Council

    Find an overview of the Environmental Services Council, their meeting information,who the members are, and the agendas and minutes.

  13. FCCTV Cable Access Board

    Read through a brief description about the FCCTV Cable Access Board, the members, meeting information, and agendas and minutes.

  14. Historic Architectural Review Board

    Review the meeting time information, who the board members are, and a brief description about the board.

  15. Historical Commission

    Search through agendas and minutes, meeting schedule, member information, and a description about the Historical Commission.

  16. Housing Commission

    Search through past and present agendas and minutes, meeting information, and who the members of the commission are this year.

  17. Human Services Advisory Council

    View the Human Services Advisory Council meeting schedule, agendas and minutes, and member information.

  18. Library Board of Trustees

    Browse through the Library Board of Trustees meeting schedule, agendas and minutes, and members of the board information.

  19. Planning Commission

    Find the Planning Commission meeting information, agendas and minutes, and/or contact a commission member.

  20. Recreation & Parks Advisory Board

    View the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board meeting information, agendas and minutes, and a list of board members.

  21. Retirement Board

    Discover the responsibilities of the Retirement Board, their meeting schedule, and who is on the board.

  22. Towing Advisory Board

    The towing advisory board advises the City Council about towing policies within the City of Falls Church.

  23. Tree Commission

    Read through the Tree Commission rules and procedures, find meeting times and place, and a list of the commission members.

  24. Regional Boards & Commissions

    Browse through a list regional boards and commissions and their descriptions.

  25. Task Forces, Work Groups & Committees

    View a list of additional task forces, work groups and committees that serve our city.