Task Forces, Work Groups & Committees

  1. Alliance for Youth

    Find goals, membership, current initiatives, and contact.

  2. Campus Joint Steering Committee

    The committee works with City and School staff to help guide the overall planning effort, ensure that it is conducted in an open and effective manner, and provide recommendations to the School Board and City Council, as well as the other Boards and Commissions.

  3. City Hall/Public Safety Facility Task Force

    Established to provide recommendations to the City Council on the designs for the City Hall/Public Safety Facility Improvements.

  4. Community Energy Plan Task Force

    Find out how long members serve and their responsibilities.

  5. FCCTV Steering Committee

    Representatives from the City government, public schools, and the public (via the Cable Access Corporation Board) meet to decide on the best use of PEG Grant funds for capital expenses for FCCTV.

  6. Stormwater Credit Policy Task Force

    This task force is no longer active. View archives of meeting materials and reports.

  7. Streetscape Design Taskforce

    The taskforce is responsible for reviewing the City's existing streetscape policy guides and recommending policy changes to City Council.