Founders Row (Broad and West Streets; formerly known as Mason Row)

Project Summary

A new mixed-use development project known as Founders Row (formerly known as Mason Row) has been proposed by Spectrum Development Company, LLC. and Mill Creek Residential, for the northeast corner of the intersection of West Broad Street & North West Street. As proposed, the project would include the following:
  • a six-story mixed-use building with a ground floor retail use of approximately 67,442 square feet in addition to an 800-seat movie theater;
  • a five-story residential multi-family rental apartments with 322 units above the one story ground floor retail spaces;
  • a five-story hotel with 127 guest rooms [Proposed Special Exception Amendment to change to 72-unit age-restricted apartments - see below]; and
  • a parking garage with two aboveground levels and three underground levels.

Subject Properties

The project would involve several properties. The project encompasses the following property addresses: 919 Park Avenue, 921 Park Avenue, 925 Park Avenue, 212 and 212A N. West Street, 112 and 112A N. West Street, 916 W. Broad Street, 920 W. Broad Street, 922 W. Broad Street, 924 W. Broad Street, 926 W. Broad Street, 928 W. Broad Street, 930 W. Broad Street, 932 W. Broad Street, and 934 W. Broad Street. The property owners have been working with the development team to develop the proposal.

The site is currently occupied by the Sunoco gas station, Seven Eleven, Lazy Sunday Ice Cream shop, Shreve Plumbing, a small vacant shopping center and other existing businesses in the 900 block of W. Broad Street. On Park Avenue there are three existing single family detached homes that are part of the large land assemblage and parcel consolidation.


Most development proposals of this scale must go through numerous steps and receive several different kinds of approval from several different bodies before they are approved and can be constructed. This includes initial approvals by the City Council and the Planning Commission. In this case, the development proposal requires the following:
  1. Comprehensive Plan Amendment – “Business & Low Density Residential” change to “Mixed-Use”
  2. Rezoning – Zoning Map Amendment, (B-3 and R-1B zoning districts all rezoned to B-1)
  3. Special Exception – Residential development within a mixed-use development
  4. Special Exception – 30-foot Building Height Bonus for the proposed 85 foot high building
In addition, there are several “waivers” identified that include landscaping buffers, commercial entrance within 100 feet of a residential district and modifications requested to minimum parking requirements. Approval by the Planning Commission of a site plan and subdivision (consolidation) application is also required.

Public Input

For questions or comments contact: 
Gary Fuller
Carly Aubrey

Project Status

A Special Exception Amendment application was submitted in April 2017, to remove the requirement for a hotel, and instead construct a 72-unit age-restricted apartment building for adults 55 years of age and older.

Applications for site plan and subdivision (consolidation) were submitted in October 2016. Technical review by staff is underway. Prior to a Planning Commission hearing, recommendations from the Tree Commission and Architectural Advisory Board will be obtained.

On January 11, 2016, the City Council adopted Resolution 2016-03 amending the Comprehensive Plan from "Business & Low Density Residential" to "Mixed Use", approved Ordinance 1944 to amend the Zoning Map from B-3 and R-1B zoning districts to B-1; and adopted Resolution 2016 -04 for two special exceptions with voluntary concessions for residential development within a mixed-use development and a 30-foot building height bonus for the proposed 85 foot high building. Additionally, Resolutions 2016-05 was adopted, which established an economic development agreement between the City and Spectrum Development, LLC for the proposed movie theater.

Special Exception Amendment Submission 2

SE Amendment Justification Letter 06.06.2018
Voluntary Concessions - Amended 06.04.2018
Architectural Elevations - 05.16.2018
SE Amendment Presentation 05.15.2018
Conceptual Development Plan 06.06.2018
Parking Reduction and Management Plan 02.20.2018
Transportation Management Plan 02.20.2018
Trip Generation Analysis 04.03.2017
Traffic Impact Study 07.24.2015
Traffic Impact Study Appendix 07.24.2015

Special Exception Amendment 

Submission 1
SE Amendment Application
SE Amendment Justification Letter
Voluntary Concessions - Amended 04.05.2017
Architectural Elevations - 04.04.2017
Conceptual Development Plan - 04.05.2017
Parking Reduction Report - 04.03.2017
Trip Generation Analysis - 04.03.2017
Transportation Demand Management Memo 04.03.2017

Site Plan Submission 2 

Staff Comments 04.20.2018
Layout Plan C-0401
Geometric Plan C-0402
Preliminary Plat
Final Plat
Landscape Plan Sheets L1.0 to L4.0
Color Elevations Sheets A2-00 to A4-03
Parking Reduction and Management Plan - 02.20.2018
Transportation Demand Management Plan - 02.20.2018
Signal Report for N West Street and Mason Avenue
Signal Report for W Broad Street and Site Entrance
Site Plan Sheets C-0101 to C-0303
Site Plan Sheets C-0403 to C-0903
Site Plan Sheets C-1201 to E1
Site Plan Sheets A1.01 to A5.01 

Site Plan Submission

Mason Row Site Plan Application
Mason Row Lot Consolidation Application
Mason Row Layout Plan C-0401
Mason Row Geometric Plan C-0402
Mason Row Preliminary Plat
Mason Row Landscape Plan Sheets (L1.0 - L3.2)
Mason Row A2-00 Color Elevations
Mason Row A2-01 Color Elevations
Mason Row A2-02 Color Elevations
Mason Row Parking Reduction and Management Report
Additional site plan sheets are available for download here.

City Council Approved Documents

Resolution 2016-03 Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Ordinance 1944 Zoning Map Amendment
Resolution 2016-04 Special Exceptions with Voluntary Concessions
Mason Row Conceptual Development Plan, Submission 8 - December 9, 2015
Mason Row Elevation Updates, Submission 8 - December 9, 2015
Mason Row Special Exception Application Part 1, Submission 8 - December 9, 2015
Mason Row Special Exception Application Part 2, Submission 8 - December 9, 2015
Mason Row Special Exception Application Part 3, Submission 8 - December 9, 2015
Mason Row Special Exception Application Part 4, Submission 8 - December 9, 2015
Mason Row Special Exception Application Part 5, Submission 8 - December 9, 2015
Transportation Management Plan, July 2015
Resolution 2016-05 Economic Development Agreement

Upcoming Meetings

Other Documents and Presentations