Services and Payments During COVID-19: Stay Safe. Skip the Trip to City Hall.

Virtually all services provided by the Treasurer’s Office can be accessed online, by mail, or email. Payments can be made online, by text, by mail, or by the drop box outside City Hall. If you have a question about any of the services or need help finding anything online, please email us at or call our main number at 703-248-5046 (TTY 711) and leave a message. 

Online Payments

Residents and businesses can now pay for a number of additional services online at

Read our frequently asked questions about online bill payments.

Payments by Text

The Treasurer’s Office is excited to offer citizens another way to pay their tax bills: text message. Pay by Text customers can make payments anytime, anywhere on their mobile phone. Customers will receive text alerts when their bill is ready.

The City’s Pay by Text vendor, InvoiceCloud, has two videos you can watch which explains how the payment system works and how you can register for the payment service.

Payments by Mail

Mailed payments must be postamarked by the due date and include the invoice or coupon. Mail to:

City of Falls Church Treasurer
300 Park Ave., Falls Church, VA 22046

Payments by Outdoor City Hall Drop Box

Payments by check can be placed in a sealed envelope in the Drop Box located just outside the front doors of the West Wing at City Hall (300 Park Ave.).

If you need a receipt, just add a note with your payment and one will be mailed to you. Please do not deposit cash as this box is unattended. The Treasurer’s Office is not responsible for the loss or theft of cash left in the box.

drop box

No New Vehicle Decal in 2020

You may have noticed there was no new vehicle decal enclosed in your 2020 Personal Property Tax bills. Please keep the blue decal on your vehicle's windshield until further notice. Learn more about this change here.

Blue Vehicle Decal 2020-2021

Personal Property Tax 

The 2020 Personal Property Tax ("Car Tax") and Business Personal Property Tax bills were due Monday, October 5, 2020. A new City ordinance passed in August 2016 requires an additional late payment penalty on personal property bills that remain unpaid after 60 days. The additional penalty amount is 15 percent of the unpaid tax and will be applied on December 5, 2020. A statutory 10 percent penalty is already required on all bills remaining unpaid after the due date. The 15 percent penalty applied on December 5 will be in addition to the 10 percent. Please note that the so called “super penalty” only applies to personal property taxes. Avoid late payment penalties by paying on time!

Coin Acceptance Policy

In order to maintain efficient operation of the office, the Treasurer's Office will not accept unrolled coins in excess of 50 coins on a given business day for any debts owed to the City by a citizen or business. A maximum of 20 rolls (rolled coin) will be accepted on a given business day. Learn more about the coin acceptance policy