Vehicle Decal Design Winner!
The winner received $750 cash and have their design displayed on 13,000 decals!

Learn more about the four winners on this webpage!
2016 Tax Relief Applications
The 2016 Tax Relief Application Packets for Real Estate and Personal Property taxes were mailed on February 17 and 18, 2016.

If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 703-248-5046 or by email at
Coin Acceptance Policy
In order to maintain efficient operation of the office, the Treasurer's Office will not accept unrolled coins in excess of 50 coins on a given business day for any debts owed to the City by a citizen or business. A maximum of 20 rolls (rolled coin) will be accepted on a given business day. Learn more about the coin acceptance policy.

Online Bill Pay
The Falls Church Treasurer's Office now offers online bill payment! In partnership with Invoice Cloud, a web-based online bill service, the Treasurer's Office provides residents an easy and convenient method to view and pay bills online.
Jody Acosta
Jody Acosta, elected in July 2014, is the Treasurer for Falls Church. Treasurer Acosta is an independent constitutional officer who answers directly to the voters of Falls Church. The office is partially funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia for the performance of state responsibilities, such as the collection and transmission of state income taxes and other state funds.
Responsibilities of the Treasurer's Office include tax billing and the collection, safeguarding, and disbursement of all city funds. The Treasurer works closely with the Commissioner of the Revenue, the Real Estate Assessor, and the Department of Finance to help ensure the best possible service to citizens.