Recreation & Parks Projects

Project Details

Acquisition of Open Space

In September of 2004, the City Council appointed a task force on Open Space Acquisition. Previous purchases include what is now Howard E. Herman Stream Valley Park, two parcels of land purchased to increase the size of Crossman Park, the purchase of an easement on property on Lee Street for park access purposes, and a purchase of land to allow Coe Branch and Tripps Run to connect. Future uses of these funds would be used to increase current park land, provide parking for Roberts Park, provide an additional access point to Roberts Park or West End Park and additional space where we can build additional rectangular playing fields.

Cost: $2,000,000 has been determined by the Open Space Task Force as a worthwhile amount to keep in a revolving fund. $1,075,000 was approved in FY2015 and is currently available.

Schedule: As parcels become available

Status: Public hearings and discussions during Council work sessions occurred regarding the purchase of property on Lynn Place, but no formal action has been taken. Conversations with no formal discussions continue in regard to a public easement off of Falls Avenue leading into West End Park and an easement into Roberts Park. Land for rectangular field space is still a priority.

Berman Park Trail

New pavement for trails in Berman Park.

Cost: $35,000

Schedule: On hold.

Status: Half of the trail is completed. Another potion of the trail is being completed in conjunction with a storm water project at Berman Park. The remaining trail is slated for completion in FY2020 when all other trails and pathways are completed.

Howard E. Herman Stream Valley Park

Provide a trail that runs from Broad Street to the City’s Bike Trail, adjacent with Tripps Run, interpretive signs, park signs, benches and trash receptacles and a more visible entrance to the park from Broad Street would be established.

Cost: $620,000

Schedule: Projects done in conjunction with storm water project, such as the completion of a foot bridge were completed summer 2015 in conjunction with the current daylighting work being done. The remaining design has begun and amenities need to be added when design is complete. Estimated time frame is for amenities to be added after full growing season has completed at the end of Fall 2016.

Status: On schedule

Master Park Improvements

Replace signage at entrances to Parks, improve recycling at parks by adding recycling bins, and add color to parks. Design and outline a timeframe for replacing old and worn out playground structures in Chery Hill Park to include the addition of fully ADA compliant playground structures.

Cost: Varies

Schedule: Signage, recycling, color: ongoing. Cherry Hill Park playground: begin design and public input in winter of 2015.

Status: On schedule. A majority of all park signs have been replaced. Recycling bins are added yearly, 10 new flower beds at Park entrances have been installed and plantings are done to add color. Play equipment at Crossman Park, and Roberts Park have recently been replaced. On schedule for Cherry Hill Park playground equipment.

Tennis and Basketball Court Major Restoration

New surface overlay and painting for all exterior courts

Cost: $172,000

Schedule: All of the City’s tennis and basketball courts have gone through the restoration phase. Cherry Hill and Cherry Street tennis courts were completed as part of storm water projects in the Summer of 2015 and all other surfaces were opened previously..

Status: Completed.

West End Park

Increase park visibility by adding a Broad Street entrance, tie two separate park parcels into one; improve ADA accessible, add skate park features, new pathways

Cost: $555,000

Schedule: Construction Fall 2014-Spring 2015

Status: Completed with minor amenities to be added.