Transportation Projects


400 W. Broad St. Streetscape

Install streetscape amenities in the 400 block of W. Broad St.

Cost: Total project cost $1,000,000; existing grant fund for $185,000 (Federal TEA-21 Grant) has been de-allocated.

Schedule: Survey is complete; Engineering Design is 30% complete.

Status: Cancelled due to de-allocation of grant funding.

Bus Stops and Bus Shelters

Implement the City’s Bus Stop and Bus Shelter Master Plan by installing bus shelters at high priority stops.

Cost: $705,000 to cover 20 locations identified as 2014 and 2015 priorities in the Master Plan.

Schedule: Shelter engineering completed; final design expected by December 2014; construction and easement acquisition due in Spring 2015.

Status: Easement acquisition still on-going, some shelter locations have been relocated that requires additional engineering. Spring 2016 installation of 5 or 6 shelters with the rest to follow later in calendar year 2016.


Closed Loop Phase 1 (Traffic Signal Management System)

Link existing traffic signals to centralized computer network to facilitate efficient coordination and timing adjustments.

Cost: $500,000 funded by CMAQ and RSTP funds.

Schedule: Construction started in December 2013; project completed in October 2014.

Status: In close-out, pending internal audit.

Closed Loop Phase 2 (Remote Video Monitoring)

Install video cameras on select traffic signal poles, to be tied to the Closed Loop signal system, for remote monitoring of traffic conditions.

Cost: $258,556 RSTP grant.

Status: Cancelled.

Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School Traffic Flow Improvements

Provide new exit from Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School to reduce traffic volume and car/pedestrian conflicts on the school campus.

Cost: Local Funds $97,000.

Schedule: Engineering Design is complete; Construction Started in August 2014; Project Completed in October 2014.

Status: Complete.

Mt. Daniel Elementary School Safe Routes to School Project

Provide pedestrian improvements near the intersection of North West Street and North Oak Street, an established student pedestrian crossing.

Cost: Safe Routes to Schools Project Funds: $361k with option to use additional Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) funds

Schedule: Engineering Design was delayed until Summer 2018  because of staff work prioritization and potential tie-in to redevelopment; Right-of-Way Acquisition is scheduled for fall 2018

Status: Construction to start spring 2019.

Roadbed Assessment

Rebuild and resurface roadways that are either poorly constructed or roadways that have reached the end of their structural life. This project will focus on S. West St. (W. Broad St. to City line) and Roosevelt Blvd. (Wilson Blvd. to Roosevelt St.).

Cost: $2.8 million in revenue sharing and other grants.

Schedule: Engineering design is complete; construction due to start in May 2015; project to be complete in September 2015.

Status: The first phase of roadbed reconstruction will be S. West St., which has been delayed due to a Fairfax Water water main project which is scheduled to begin in January 2015. Coordination with Fairfax Water is underway. This project has also required internal coordination between Stormwater and Transportation since the reconstruction will include upgrades to several pipe connections and crossings. The existing PO needs to be updated to include the storm sewer work. Roosevelt Blvd. needs to go through the procurement process and will require coordination with the Roosevelt St. sidewalk project.

Roosevelt Ave. Intersection and Sidewalk Improvements

Rebuild intersection of Roosevelt Blvd. and Roosevelt St. as well as intersection of Roosevelt St. and E. Broad St.; improve ADA pedestrian route from Roosevelt St. to Broad St.

Cost: $1,350,000 ($890,000 RSTP funds; $460,000 Highway Safety funds).

Schedule: Engineering Design ongoing; R/W acquisition in Spring 2015; construction due to start early 2016; project completion due in Summer 2016.

Status: Finalizing 90% plans and R/W submittal for Federal Authorization to begin R/W; 60% design complete; community meeting held; specific outreach conducted with Madison Condominiums and Oakwood Cemetery.


Route 7 High Capacity Transit Study

Analyze the feasibility of providing high capacity transit along Route from Tysons Corner to Alexandria.

Cost: $437,500 total Phase 1 cost (federal, state and local money); $10,937 City of Falls Church share of the required local match; $838,000 total Phase 2 cost (NVTA funded)

Schedule: Phase 1 completed in October 2013; Phase 2 staff kickoff in June 2014; Phase 2 public kickoff expected in early 2015; Phase 2 completion expected in March 2016.

Status: The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTC) coordinated a preliminary study of the feasibility of providing high capacity transit along Route 7 from Tysons Corner to Alexandria. The study identified two routes through the City. One stays on Broad St.; the other follows N. Washington St. and Roosevelt Blvd. to access the East Falls Church Metro Station. The study also identified two possible vehicles: Bus Rapid Transit and Streetcar. Phase 2 funding will be provided by the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA). The project will begin in calendar year 2014.

S. Washington St. and Maple Ave. Intersection

Construct new signalized intersection, including intersection realignment.

Cost: $700,000 ($700,000 in state (SYIP) funds)

Schedule: Engineering design in Summer 2015; R/W acquisition in Winter 2016; construction due to start in Fall 2017; project completion due for Spring 2018.

Status: Preliminary meetings have been held with the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board and the Aurora House Advisory Board to discuss the impact of the realignment of S. Maple Ave.

S. Washington Streetscape Multimodal Plaza

Phase 1 includes improving pedestrian connections on S. Washington St. through utility undergrounding. Phase 2 includes constructing an multimodal plaza at the Hillwood Ave. and S. Washington St. intersection, installing traffic signals, pedestrian crossings, and ADA curb ramps. Phase 3 includes improving pedestrian access to the intermodal plaza along Hillwood Ave. and S. Washington St. between Annandale Rd. and Tinner Hill.

Cost: $3,085,000 ($2,085,000 in state (DRPT) and federal (FTA) funds; $700,000 in state (NVTA 70%) funds, $300,000 in local funds).

Schedule: Phase 1 engineering design is underway; Phase 1 construction due for Summer 2015; Phase 1 due to be complete in Fall 2015. Phase 2 engineering design is underway; Phase 2 construction is due for Spring 2016; Phase 2 is due to be complete in Fall 2016. Phase 3 engineering design is due for Spring 2016; Phase 3 construction is due to start in Fall 2016; Phase 3 due to be complete in Summer 2017.

Status: Public meetings were held in January 2013 and May 2013 to provide project update to community. Phases 1, 2, and 3 conceptual design completed in June 2013. Phase 1 final design to be completed in Spring 2015. Phase 2 design ongoing, 65% plans expected in Spring 2015. Ongoing coordination is underway with VDOT, Fairfax County, and developer of the Reserve at Tinner Hill.


Traffic Calming, Parker Ave. & Kent St.

Install curb extensions and pedestrians crossings at the intersection of Parker Ave. & Kent St.

Cost: $100,000

Schedule: Preliminary engineering expected in January 2015; construction expected to start Spring/Summer 2015.

Status: Project is proceeding on schedule.


Traffic Calming, Pennsylvania Ave.

Install a raised pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave. & Fulton St. Remove parallel parking along the bend in Pennsylvania Ave. southwest of Great Falls St.

Cost: $50,000

Schedule: Preliminary engineering expected in Summer 2015.

Status: Project is pending funding.


W. Broad and Pennsylvania Ave. Signal

Install new traffic signal at Penn and Broad and ancillary crosswalks and streetscape amenities.

Cost: $550,000 for Signal ($100,000 in voluntary concessions, VDOT Revenue Sharing grant and City funds).

Schedule: Survey is complete; Engineering Design is complete; Construction Started in January 2014; Project Completion in October 2014.

Status: In close-out, pending final invoice