Facilities Projects

Project Details

City Hall Public Space & Safety Improvements Phase 1

IT server room fire suppression; correct water inflow foundation repairs; roof repairs for ice damming, gutter replacement; elevator replacement; police evidence storage, police IT Server Room HVAC.

Cost: $1 million

Status: IT Sprinkler System completed; Chimney replacing facing plus water leakage repairs completed; Gutter/Downspouts completed; Snow rail phase completed. Police Evidence Storage completed and elevator modernization work will be done as part of larger City Hall projects.

City Hall Public Space & Safety Improvements Phase 2

Code compliance including life safety systems, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, mechanical; Phase 2 roof repairs for ice damming, energy efficient window replacement, water inflow Phase 2 foundation repairs, interior renovations to address security, accessibility, wayfinding, and office space needs. Includes complete renovation of West Wing HVAC system and “full gut” interior renovations

Cost: $7.4 million

Schedule: Design is ongoing; endorsement of 20% concept received from Council in July 2014; construction scheduled to start in early 2017; completion scheduled for early 2019.

Status: Project is moving into design development and construction documents phase.


City Hall Public Space & Safety Improvements, Expansion (Rear/Front) & Parking (Front)

Add new central front entrance to City Hall and add meeting rooms to address security, accessibility and way-finding needs. Add rear corridor and rear elevator for security and accessibility needs. On-grade secure parking in rear. Includes includes second story on garage (non-secure parking) and additional square footage on rear addition for office space, accessibility, and wayfinding needs.

Cost: $1.6 million front, $6 million rear, and $1.95 million parking.

Schedule: Design is ongoing; construction due to start in early 2017; completion due in early 2019.

Status: Project is moving into design development and construction documents phase.


General Government Facility Reinvestment

Annual major maintenance reinvestment in City owned facilities.

Cost: $350,000 in FY2015

Schedule: Varies based on sub-projects summarized below.

Status: Gage House work completed: basement insulation; joist repair; side door replacement; basement staircase railing rebuilt; waterproofing of basement walls and trim work; created stone retaining wall for water diversion; painted and repaired front porch; built new stairs; roof and gutter repair. ADA ramp redesign to be completed in Spring 2016.

Property Yard garage work completed: structural repairs to columns, etc. on garage as well as enclosure of the first bay for use with stormwater vacuum and flushing equipment.

Property Yard exterior block repair and waterproofing completed, including re-pointing block joints and applying block waterproofing material. Front and side face was completed in Spring 2014. Remainder of building scheduled for Spring 2015.

Cherry Hill Farmhouse work completed in Summer 2014: replacement and repair of damaged boards and architectural details; scraped, sanded, and abated lead paint; repainted and rebuilt the front stairs; fixed water infiltration around cellar door; re-caulked windows; replaced a door in the basement; repaired porch roof and downspout system.

Community Center HVAC refurbishment completed, including refurbishing air handlers above gym and replacing electronic controls and upgrades to catwalks and safety platforms.

Property Yard exterior stairs structural repairs complete, including replacing concrete block stairs with covered metal staircase.

Aurora House had two furnaces replaced.

Property Yard roof replacement is complete, including replacing the composite roof at the main yard; adding two roof drains to tie in to existing cisterns; completing and replacing the composite roof over the shop.

Community Center roof replacement was completed in Fall 2014, including replacing the original asbestos shingle roof and refurbishing and repairing the flat and low-slope roof.

Projects under design and cost development: Police lobby water seepage remediation; fuel dispensary upgrade; City Hall attic insulation to remediate heat loss; Aurora House lighting upgrade; Aurora House stair lift; Property Yard B (old shop) structural repairs and garage door replacement; Property Yard Maintenance Shop safety glass replacement.

Jessie Thackrey Preschool Renovation

Renovate the Cherry Street site to serve as the Falls Church City Schools preschool facility.

Cost: $2.4 million

Status: Completed. Facility opened to students on January 5, 2015.


Library Space Needs Study

Study of the future space needs for City Library

Cost: $45,250 (Original request was $100,000 and that report was completed. Additional work in the amount of $45,250 was added to the original contract for conceptual designs and cost estimates for library space needs to fit a Council-adopted $8 million CIP budget. It also included a conceptual design and cost estimate for a parking deck at 313 Park Ave., a separate but parallel project to that of the library and not included previously in any CIP adopted budget.)

Status: The Master Plan Addendum completed for expansion and renovation of the library to fit the $8 million Council-adopted CIP budget; presentation of Addendum to Council and Planning Commission on January 5, 2015 and cost estimates submitted in FY2016 CIP budget for costs associated with the library expansion/renovation project. The Addendum also contains a conceptual design and cost estimate for a separate, but parallel parking deck project at 313 Park Avenue. That project and its costs were submitted in the FY2016 CIP budget by the Assistant City Manager and are not part of the $8 million CIP library project budget.


Mt. Daniel Elementary School

Pursuing preliminary design, A&E, County land use/zoning approvals.

Cost: $1 million in FY2014 along with increased FY2015-2019 CIP request of $14.5 million.

Schedule: Design is complete; county approvals are in process; construction completion is to be determined.

Status: Requests for Proposal (RFP) under the Public-Private Education and Infrastructure Act of 2002 (PPEA) issued in January 2014; design and contractor selected; application for determination pursuant to Virginia Code 15.2-2232 and site plan approval process underway.


Thomas Jefferson Elementary School HVAC Renovation

Renovate the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Cost: $2 million

Schedule: Design is complete; Construction due to complete in 2016.

Status: In process.