Information Technology Projects

Project Details

Citywide Telecommunication & Infrastructure – Critical Continuity & Modernization Investment Phase 1

Phase 1 FY2013 funding is to replace aged out Police Dispatch phone system. The $50,000 portion is to replace failing fiber and copper infrastructure between City Hall and the Library for network and telephony.

Cost: $550,000

Status: Completed.

Citywide Telecommunication & Infrastructure – Critical Continuity & Modernization Investment Phase 2

Phase 2 FY2014 funding is to comprehensively update the telecommunication infrastructure citywide, including Public Schools, General Government and the Public Library. This would predominantly resolve end-of-life, service and maintenance issues with the existing phone system Citywide, and aid interoperability between the various City segments. Another key outcome would also provide updated and redundant connectivity options to the segments to provide the City more robust effective Continuity of Operations (COOP)/DR options. Also to directly tie a critical unconnected facility (Aurora House), where proper telecommunications is essential due to the court ordered residential custodial care of juveniles, and the requirement of proper security maintenance of their records. Currently we are not able to securely communicate due to the indirect connection which is a risk.

Cost: $507,000

Schedule: Completion due by July 2016.

Status: Finalizing best phone system replacement solution to provide best modernization features, cost benefit and support to City as a whole. Schools are finalizing a solution that is potentially not qualified for CIP funding. The Aurora House direct fiber connectivity was completed by partnering that portion with the Closed Loop traffic control system project to reduce future costs to that project and afford it greater expansion to the new signals planned to come in that area, and as with the other portion, further expand its capabilities for the City; this overall work is still in progress.