Online Bill Pay

New! Pay by Text

The Treasurer's Office is excited to offer citizens another way to pay their tax bills: text message. Pay by Text customers can make payments anytime, anywhere on their mobile phone. Customers will receive text alerts when their bill is ready.

The City's Pay by Text vendor, InvoiceCloud, has two videos you can watch which explains how the payment system works and how you can register for the payment service. 

Pay Online

The City of Falls Church Treasurer's Office offers an online payment option! Beginning April 2012, there is no fee to pay online using an e-check (electronic check). However, there is a fee of 2.95% to pay using a credit card.


There are many advantages of paying online.
  • Pay your bill from wherever you have internet access
  • Email reminders when a payment is due - when you register
  • Secure access to payment history
  • Less paperwork and easier payments
  • Faster and easier than writing checks
  • Never forget a payment with automatic payments
  • No more running to the mailbox
The Treasurer's Office, in partnership with Invoice Cloud, now accepts e-checks (electronic checks or electronic fund transfer from your checking or savings account) and credit / debit card payments for personal property tax bills online. This service presents the best value for online billing and payments for taxpayers. It offers premium security and ease of use.

Registering For the First Time

When registering for the first time, you will be asked to enter your Property Account Number (PPID# for Personal Property and RPC# for Real Estate) and bill number. Both of these numbers are on your bill. The system will then auto-populate your Customer Number at the top of the next page. This is your internal customer number from Falls Church City associated with your tax bills, and you will need it for future log-ins to the website (it will be emailed to you with the registration email).

Multiple Customer Numbers

It is possible to have more than one customer number! Customer Numbers are assigned when you register your vehicle with the city. If you have more than one vehicle, the vehicles must be titled exactly the same in order to be under the same Customer Number. If the vehicles are titled differently - for instance, one spouse is listed first on one vehicle and the other spouse is listed first on the second vehicle, then each vehicle will have a separate customer number.