Public Works

DPW Mission Statement
"Working together to sustain and enhance our community's infrastructure and provide a safe, green and clean environment."
Message from DPW Director
DPW is responsible for implementing and maintaining the infrastructure systems that keeps The Little City running and prospering:

  • Streets and Sidewalks
  • Traffic Signals, Streetlights, Striping, and Signage
  • Storm and Sanitary Sewer
  • Buildings and Facilities
  • City Fleet & Equipment
  • Urban Forest and Greenspaces
  • Solid Waste and Recycling
The Falls Church Department of Public Works is comprised of two Divisions.  The Operations Division is housed at the Property Yard along Gordon Road on the west end of the City, and our Administration and Engineering Division is housed in the West Wing of City Hall.

The Operations Division is led by our Superintendent, Robert Goff.  The Operations division is responsible for the operations and maintenance of all of the infrastructure systems.  In addition to their regular tasks needed to keep our infrastructure operating for our citizens, our 28 men and women in Operations are always available to respond to emergencies or after hour’s operations.  Additionally, our Operations crews handle seasonal events, such as leaf collection, snow plowing, storm cleanup, and anything else that man or nature throws our way. 

Our 16 Administration and Engineering staff provide Capital Improvements Project (CIP) development and implementation, Engineering support and guidance, program management, regulatory compliance, administrative support, regulation and inspection of private development, and Geographic Information Systems.

We work in a unique and wonderful community, and we take great pride in constructing and maintaining the infrastructure that supports The Little City.

Mike Collins, PE
Various Citizen Committees 
Providing staff support for various citizen committees including the Environmental Services Council (ESC), Citizens Advisory Committee on Transportation (CACT), and Tree Commission.

Online Citizen Reporting

To report potholes, streetlight outages, and more, please use the Request Tracker

Online Right of Way Notification Submission
To submit a required notification for work within the City Right of Way, please use this form.
Licenses and Permits
To find all Public Works permits (Grading Plan, Right-of-Way, etc.) please click here.