Contractor Requirements - Working in the City

All contractors are required to report their Gross Receipts to the Commissioner for in-City jobsites. Contractors have varying requirements based on job amounts and where the contractor is based. Please select from an appropriate tab to determine specific requirements.
  1. In-City Contractors
  2. In-State (VA) Contractors
  3. Out-of-State Contractors

In-City Contractors are required to file annually with the City of Falls Church and DO NOT need to report individual jobsites to the Commissioner. Once an initial business license is filed with the Commissioner an annual account is established for Business Tangible Property and License Renewal. However, if an in-City contractor completes work within another jurisdiction and a license is not required there, the job amount should be included in the gross receipts reported during the license renewal to the City. Any jobsite within another jurisdiction requiring licensing and taxation in that jurisdiction may be deducted from the annual renewal with the City.

The following must be included with the annual renewal:

  • VA-61A Certificate of Workers' Compensation Insurance Form,
  • Business License Renewal Form (mailed in January and due March 1 of the corresponding calendar year),
  • Copy of VA Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation License (Contractor's License).

All prior year (January 1 to December 31) gross receipts must be reported for all jobs on the renewal form. Jobsites in other jurisdictions may only be deducted if a business license tax was required by that jurisdiction. Proof of license tax on gross receipts for other jurisdictional jobsites may be required.

New In-City Contractors
New contractors in the City of Falls Church may follow the Opening a Business in the City link for more information regarding procedures for the initial establishment of a Business License.