Inspections & Enforcement

Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Stormwater
The Department of Public Works (DPW) inspects stormwater control measures and BMPs every two years. The MS4 Permit requires BMPs to be inspected at a minimum once every five years.
Erosion & Sediment (E&S) Control & Bonds
City code requires soil erosion and sediment control measures before, during, and after periods of site clearance, development, and construction. DPW engineering inspectors monitor construction sites to ensure all requirements are met; E&S bonds are required. City code requires that active sites be inspected at least every two weeks and within 24 hours of a run-off producing event.
Right-of-Way Permits & Bonds
Any work performed in the city's right-of-way requires a permit authorized by DPW engineers. These include street cuts for utilities, curb breaks, sidewalk repair, and temporary lane or road closures. Bonds are required for certain types of right-of-way work.

Solid Waste Code
DPW provides oversight and inspection necessary to enforce the city's solid waste code. These requirements promote health and welfare by regulating the collection and disposal of solid waste in accordance with a comprehensive solid waste management strategy.

Tree Work & Tree Preservation Permits & Bonds
The City Arborist reviews preliminary tree surveys, site plans, grading plans, subdivision plans, special exception applications, tree removal permits, utility permits, and riparian buffer impacts. Tree bonds in connection with development are required by code.