Tree Permits

City-Owned Trees

Trees in parks and street rights-of-way belong to the City of Falls Church. The width of the street right-of-way varies from 0 feet to 15 feet or more from the curb line; check your plat drawing to determine the right-of-way width at any site. Except under unusual circumstances, all actions affecting City trees are performed by the City or its contractors.

Tree Lighting Permits for Business Districts

Businesses may be permitted to attach holiday lights to their adjacent street trees for the winter months. Businesses wishing to light City trees should apply for a Right-of-way Use Permit (fee waived); Tree Lighting Standards will apply. 

Single-Family Properties

Tree management on single-family properties is not regulated by the City of Falls Church, except in the following circumstances:
  • Development/Re-development: Any building project that requires a stormwater permit (grading plan), must also provide a landscape conservation plan. This plan includes an assessment of all existing trees, tree protection plans, and required replanting. An approved grading plan constitutes the permit to remove trees for development.
  • Specimen Trees: These trees are individually designated by the City Council as trees with special value to the city. A Specimen Tree removal permit will be granted only if the tree is dying or dangerous. Download the list of Specimen Trees.
  • Resource Protection Areas: All vegetation is protected within Resource Protection Areas. Permits must be requested for any removal of trees, shrubs or other plants.

Commercial and Multi-Family Properties

Commercial and multi-family sites must maintain all of the plantings that are shown on their original site plans. Any tree removal on these properties requires a permit, and the tree must be replaced.

Tree Service Contractor Permits

Tree service companies performing work for customers within the City of Falls Church must get an annual permit, which requires proof of bonding and insurance. Such companies are considered licensed, and are listed here. Find out more at the Arborists and Tree Contractors page.