Environmental Sustainability Council


  • Environmental Sustainability Council: Third Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m., excluding August
  • Energy Transition Subcommittee: Usually meets with the ESC, third Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m., excluding August
  • Education Task Group: Scheduled as needed; click here for Operation Earthwatch, our environmental action program for elementary school students.
  • Habitat Restoration Task Group: Scheduled as needed; Click here for event volunteer opportunities.
  • Check the website calendar for upcoming meeting information.
  • Past Virtual Meetings: Visit the City's webcasts website. Scroll to the Archives section, then the Webcasts section. Scroll to find meetings.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.


The Environmental Sustainability Council (ESC), formerly known as the Falls Church Recycling and Litter Prevention Council, was established in 1989 for the purpose of planning and promoting a comprehensive program of recycling and litter prevention activities. As it expanded and evolved, the ESC and its subcommittees have increasingly addressed a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues important to the quality of life in our community. Areas of focus include:

  • Climate, Air and Energy
  • Stormwater, Streams, and Natural Springs
  • Urban Forest and Biodiversity (working with the Urban Forestry Commission)
  • Consumption and Waste
  • Community involvement
Our goals, strategies and proposed actions in these areas are described in Chapter 5 of the City's Comprehensive Plan, "Environment for Everyone".

ESC Members

The nine members are appointed by City Council for three-year terms. Volunteers from the community serve as associate members on the subcommittee for Energy Transition, and the Habitat Restoration and Education Task Groups. View the ESC Organizational Chart
 for additional details.

Staff Liaison

City Council Liaison

Planning Commission Liaison

  • Cory Weiss

Special Events

  • Panel Discussion on Sustainable Stormwater and Energy Infrastructure
    In May 2018, the ESC hosted a follow-up to our February 2018 panel discussion on sustainable and resilient development at the West Falls Church site. Sustainable infrastructure has the potential to create value and reduce risks for this project and the City as a whole - and must be included at the earliest stages of project planning to be effective. This second panel addressed two important environmental impacts and opportunities in depth: sustainable stormwater capture and sustainable energy infrastructure. Review the presentations and watch a video of the event online.

  • Panel discussion on Resilient, Sustainable Development for the West Falls Church Economic Development Project
    In February 2018, the ESC hosted a panel discussion to engage City decision-makers and the broader community in a discussion of how the City can integrate environmental and economic sustainability principles into the West Falls Church Economic Development Project, driving resilient development, maximizing environmental benefit, creating place and reducing financial risk. The panel was recorded and is available to watch on YouTube.

  • Green Schools Panel
    To contribute to community discussion of the November 2017 high school bond referendum, the City of Falls Church Environmental Sustainability Council (ESC) hosted a green schools panel at its October 2017 meeting. With this panel, the ESC sought to engage decision-makers, the community and sustainable buildings experts in a discussion of how the Falls Church City Public Schools system can incorporate high performance, low environmental impact design into its facilities, maximizing benefit to the entire school community. A summary of the discussion is available for download.

Letters and Reports to Council

Periodically, the ESC is comments to City Council or other bodies regarding ordinance changes, commercial development applications, or environmental issues. The ESC has provided multiple comment letters. Click each link below to read the comment letters. To view letters from previous years submitted to City Council, contact the City Clerk’s Office.

  1. 2021-06 EV Charging Station Recommendations 210602
  2. 2021-06 ESC Recommendations on City Council Work Plan and Equity 210602
  3. 2021-04 ESCComments to PC One City Center
  4. 2021-04 ESC Comments to PC re FR11 040721
  5. 2021-03 ESC 2020 Annual Report Final 210324
  6. 2021-03 ESC Fellows proposal to RPAB 210301
  7. 2021-02 ETS Special Exception Ordinance Input to staff Feb2021
  8. 2020-11 ETS memo re achieving MWCOG GHG emissions goals
  9. 2020-10 ETS memo re MWCOG adoption of GHG emissions goals
  10. 2020-10 ETS memo re MWCOG CEAP & GHG inventory
  11. 2020-10 Energy Awareness Month Proclamation
  12. 2020-07 LEED Bird Collision Deterrence for West Falls Project
  13. 2020-07 ESC comments to City Council on West FC development
  14. 2020-07 ESC letter to City Staff re LED Streetlights project
  15. 2020-06 ESC ETS comments re streetlights project
  16. 2020-06 ESC ETS comments to BHCD re IECC Model Code
  17. 2020-05 ESC Comments to Planning Dept West End SAP
  18. 2020-05 ESC Letter to City Council re Haz Waste Event
  19. 2020-03 Annual Report 2019
  20. 2019-07 Comments re housing chapter of comp plan
  21. 2019-04 Comments on WFC SEE 4.2.19
  22. 2019-04 Letter to DEV re FC Energy Transition Subcommittee
  23. 2019-03 ESC Annual Report 2018
  24. 2018-11 Comments on Affordable Living Policy
  25. 2018-10 NGBS letter to Paul Stoddard
  26. 2018-05 Letter re WFC Multimodal Transportation Project NVTA grant application
  27. 2018-03 ESC Annual Report 2017
  28. 2018-01 Comments on Insight project Jan 2018 final
  29. 2017-03 ESC 2017 legislative agenda recommendations
  30. 2017-02 Comments on draft cottage ordinance
  31. 2017-01 Preliminary comments on CFC vision update
  32. 2016 Report to Council (January 2017)
  33. 2016-12 CFC Comments to DEQ on VW settlement
  34. 2016-11 Letter to Council re ESC 2017 Legislative Priorities
  35. 2016-11 Letter to Council re ESC ETS 2017 Legislative Priorities
  36. 2016-10 Comments on Streetscapes Design Standards
  37. 2016-06 Letter to NVTA re funding for bike share
  38. 2016-06 Letter to NVTC re funding for bike share
  39. 2016-02 Letter re W and OD park
  40. 2016-01 Letter re plastic bag legislation
  41. 2015 Report to Council (Janurary 2016)
  42. 2015 - Letter to Council Regarding Mason Row (Nov 2015)
  43. 2015 - Letter Supporting Staff Resources for Energy and Climate Issues (Sept 2015)
  44. 2015 - Letter to Council Regarding West Broad St. Small Area Plan (Sept 2015)
  45. 2015 - Letter to Council Supporting Draft Bike Master Plan (April 2015)
  46. 2015 - Letter to School Board Supporting LEED Certification for Mt Daniel (Feb 2015)

Operation Earth Watch Memorial Day 2017