Chapter 1 Update: Vision

What is the Vision Chapter?

The Visioning Chapter provides an overarching picture of what the City wants to be over the next 25 years. The Vision Chapter is part of the City's Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide for all aspects of planning and development.

Why Update the Vision Chapter?

The City's Vision Chapter was last updated in 2005. Since that time, many changes have occurred within the City and the larger metropolitan area. Updating the Vision Chapter gives the City an opportunity to discuss the following questions - Is the 2005 vision still valid? Does it accurately reflect the community's values? Does it need to be modified to respond to changes that have occurred in and around Falls Church over the last 10 years? Is it compatible with the planning efforts of surrounding jurisdictions and larger regional trends?

What's the Process?

City staff is engaging the public to inform the update of the Vision Chapter. The engagement effort will include traditional community meetings, pop-up meetings, a survey, review by the City's advisory boards and commission, and ultimately review and approval by the Planning Commission and City Council. See the table below for the schedule of events.

How to Get Involved

To get involved in the planning process, check this page for the latest information, attend one of the planned public engagement events (see table below), or send comments to

Public Engagement Schedule

Date Group Type of Event
June 18, 2016
Community Public Meeting #1
August 1, 2016 through
​ September 9, 2016
Community Survey
August 6, 2016 Community Pop-Up Meeting at Farmers Market
August 10, 2016 Community Pop-Up Meeting at Panera
August 24, 2016 Community Pop-Up Meeting at Eden Center
August 31, 2016 Community Pop-Up Meeting at Falls Plaza
September 6, 2016 Planning Commission Update Briefing
September 19, 2016 City Council Work Session
October 1, 2016
Community Public Meeting #2
November 7, 2016 Planning Commission Work Session
November 21, 2016 (tentative) City Council Work Session
​Concurrence to go to Boards and Commissions
November 2016 through
​December 2016
Boards and Commissions
January 2017
Planning Commission
Work Session and Meeting
(Action Requested: Recommendation)
February 2017
City Council
Work Session and Meeting
(Action Requested: Adoption)