Community Meeting (February 2017)

The Community Meeting was held on Saturday, February 4 at Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School: Please follow the links below to learn more about each topic.
  1. Background

    Read about the background on this phase of the High School Campus project.

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  2. Affordability

    Learn about the options for affording a new or renovated high school.

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  3. Option 1: Renovation & Addition

    Learn about the renovation and addition option.

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  4. Option 2: Build New in Two Phases

    Learn about the option to build a new high school in two phases.

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  5. Option 3: Build New in One Phase

    Learn about the option for building a new high school in one phase.

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  6. Commercial or Economic Development

    Learn about the pros and cons of allowing for commercial/economic development on the school campus site.

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