Traffic Signal Timing


This project aims to improve traffic safety and operations through traffic signal timing, improve the coordination of traffic signals along the City's major corridor, and reduce travel times while minimizing rear-end crashes that can result from stop-and-start traffic patterns. 

The project scope includes traffic data collection; existing conditions analysis; traffic signal optimized timing plans development with implementation; and before and after travel time studies. Additionally, the project scopes allows for some minor infrastructure upgrades at a couple of intersections. 

Project Limits

The project covers 28 traffic signals citywide. 

Project Schedule

Data Collection, Inventory, and Travel Time Study: May 2017
Analysis: August 2017
Implementation: November 2017


This project is 100% funded through grant money from the Virginia Department of Transportation's Highway Safety Improvement Program. 

For more information about this project, please contact Jennifer Wang at 703-248-5308.