Generalized BMP Inspection Process

During the city-wide assessment we visit each property with a Best Management Practice (BMP) to conduct an inspection of stormwater control measures and BMPs in place. The inspection can be summarized as follows:
  • Team members should attempt live contact with an owner or property manager when arriving on site, as a follow up to the pre-assessment letter.
  • Once at the facility, team members will walk the facility, noting the in-field condition as compared to the as built plans for the facility, ensuring that the facility matches the plans.
  • Team members will determine if the facility has any manhole covers that will need to be removed in order to conduct the assessment. If there are manhole lids to remove, use a gas meter to ensure that no explosive gases or deoxygenated conditions exist prior to lifting.
  • Using a digital camera with date and time stamp, team members will take photos upstream and downstream of the inlets and outfall.
  • Team members will also take photos of the interior of any chambers. For interior photos a camera on a monopole will be used so as not to enter a confined space.
  • Capture facility conditions using an inspection form to document the observed conditions of the relevant infrastructure.
  • Document all photos using a photo log.