Animal Control Laws

The following is a list of laws regarding the handling of animals and the role of the Animal Control Officer. Follow the links to read more information about the laws.
  1. Animal Bites

    Survey information about what to do if you are bitten by an animal or if your animal bites a person.

  2. Animal Cruelty

    Read about animal cruelty.

  3. Animal Limitations

    Review how many animals you can legally own.

  4. Car Accidents

    Take a look at what happens if you hit an animal with your car.

  5. Cats

    Read about laws pertaining to strays, inoculations, licenses for cats.

  6. Disposal of Deceased Animals

    See what your legal requirements are for when your animal passes away.

  1. Dog Laws

    Look up information about licenses, vaccinations, leash laws

  2. Exotic Animals

    Find out which animals are considered exotic.

  3. Impounded Animals

    Review what to do if your animal is impounded.

  4. Rabies Clinics

    Take a peek at when our rabies clinics are held.

  5. Rats

    Notice the animal control laws that pertain to rats.

  6. Vicious Animals

    Search for information regarding the law and vicious animals.