Pedestrian Safety

The City of Falls Church is dedicated to providing the safest environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists on our roads. 

The Department of Public Works has compiled the following safety tips as part of their T.O.P.S (Transportation Outreach for Public Safety) campaign. See if you follow them! 


  • Use a horn or a bell to warn pedestrians and other cyclists of approach.
  • Wear reflective gear in the rain and at night.
  • Follow the same rules and regulations as motorists.


  • Slow down, especially at intersections and trail crossings.
  • Look for pedestrians before entering/exiting driveways.
  • Check right rearview mirror for cyclists before making right turns.
  • Eliminate or minimize distractions.


  • Be aware of surroundings - look up from your phone!
  • Wear reflective gear in the rain and at night.
  • Wait for gaps in the traffic before crossing.