Permit Application Requirements


The applicant for a permit can either be a licensed contractor or, in certain circumstances, the property owner or business tenant. The City of Falls Church recommends owners only obtain permits if they will do the work themselves. If a contractor is to be used, have the permit issued to the contractor. If the contractor is not known at the time of application, it can be left blank and filled in later, before the permit is issued. 

To obtain a permit, a contractor must provide the following: 

  1. A copy of the original Virginia State Contractor's License. Printouts of the State website are not acceptable as a substitute. 
  2. A form processed by the Commissioner of Revenue, either for an application for a business license or a waiver saying no business license is necessary. 

Application Forms

All permits require an application form. Forms are downloadable online and are also available at the Development Services Counter. Please use only the most recent application form when applying for a permit. If you use an older form, you may be asked to fill out a newer one before your application will be accepted. 

Several permit applications require additional forms: 

  1. Addendum to Building Permit Application for Exterior Work form is required for all projects with exterior work unless the project has a Grading Plan or Site Plan. 
  2. Asbestos Certification form is required for all commercial jobs and must be signed by the building owner. 
  3. Accessibility Compliance form is required for all commercial renovation jobs. 

Over-The-Counter Permits

Some types of permits can be issued immediately, without the need of plan review: 

  1. Replacement of an appliance, such as a new furnace or A/C with an equivalent new appliance. 
  2. Simple work that can be verified at inspection, such as an electric service heavy-up or simple lighting addition. 
  3. Trade work where a building permit has already been reviewed and approved, and included plans for the specific trade. 

Plan Sets

Most jobs require plans to be submitted and reviewed. All such jobs require at least two sets of plans, one to be at the job site and one to be retained by the City. 

A third set of plans is required if there is any exterior work. A very large commercial job may require an additional plan set (i.e. three set for interior, four sets for exterior work). 

When there is exterior work, a plat should be attached to each plan set. 

Details on plan requirements

For More Information

This information can be downloaded as a PDF Brochure