Roads & Sidewalks

Report a Concern

To report potholes and damaged sidewalks please use the Request Tracker.

Concrete Maintenance

DPW Operations identifies and eliminates tripping hazards in sidewalks and damaged curb sections throughout the City. We recently hired Precision Safe Sidewalks, which makes one cut across uneven panels, to repair City sidewalks. Repairs such as these are made year-round.
Parker Street 1
Parker Street 2


Primary Extensions Grant

The Virginia Department of Transportation offers paving funds for roadways designated as "primary extensions" located in jurisdictions where VDOT does not currently maintain roads, such as the City of Falls Church. Our primary extensions are North and South Washington Street (US-29), East and West Broad Street (VA-7), and Hillwood Avenue.

Our 2015 application for US-29 was approved and paving is expected to begin on May 15, 2016.  Work will be performed overnight to minimize disruption to the heavy volume of traffic during the day. Our 2016 application for West Broad Street is currently under review.

CIP Reconstruction Projects

Certain roadways were identified in the Citywide Roadbed Assessment as having insufficient base material and requiring reconstruction (all new materials) or reclamation (new base from recycled materials). These projects are typically expensive to complete and are completed with a combination of local and grant funds. South West Street, the first street selected for improvements by this effort, was completed in Fall 2015. Next on the list is Roosevelt Boulevard, which is scheduled to begin July 5, 2016.

Annual Paving

Most residential streets are resurfaced or reconstructed using funds from the operating budget for streets and sidewalks, including recently completed projects such as Laura Drive, Gresham Place, and the streets in Whittier Park This program also includes an annual pavement condition survey to create a map and help determine which roads will be paved next. Also considered are recent and upcoming development, resident concerns, and past repairs. The City is using an automated pavement assessment service for the first time this year. Data collection should be completed by Friday, April 8, 2016.

2015 Pavement Condition Map
2016 Pavement Condition Map (Coming Soon)


See below for a list of streets currently scheduled for paving or reconstruction during 2016. More roads will be added once the 2016 pavement condition survey is complete.
 Street Limits Funding
 US-29 Gresham Pl to Annandale Rd Primary Extensions Grant
 US-29 S Maple Ave to W Marshall Dr Primary Extensions Grant
 Roosevelt Boulevard Wilson Blvd to N Roosevelt St CIP Reconstruction
 Walnut Street Lincoln Ave to Highland Ave Operating
 Pine Street Lincoln Ave to Highland Ave Operating
 Lincoln Avenue N West St to Sycamore St Operating
 Sycamore St Lincoln Ave to City Line Operating

Community Outreach

Travel patterns may be disrupted during paving operations, and temporary parking restrictions will be in place while any road is being milled and resurfaced. Driveway access will be maintained or provided on an as-needed basis at all times. Residents most impacted by paving operations will be notified via mail at least 2 weeks before work begins, and any major changes to pavement marking will be presented at a public meeting. The community will have the opportunity to provide input on any proposed changes in the availability of on-street parking on residential streets.

For more information about paving, please contact Kyle Kling at 703-248-5478 (TTY 711).