Speaker Series

Beginning in 2017, the Planning Commission initiated a new program, the Speaker Series. The Speaker Series is designed to keep the Planning Commission informed of emerging ideas in urban planning and to provide opportunities for discussion outside the context of specific projects.

June 19, 2017Foursquare Integrated Transportation PlanningTraffic Demand ManagementExecutive Summary
Full Report
Presentation Video
October 16, 2017Paul Gilbert, NOVA ParksNOVA Parks Activity in Falls Church & RegionPresentation Video
February 5, 2018Andrea Reese, Northern Virginia Conservation TrustContemporary Topics in Land ConservationPresentation Video
March 5, 2018Rich Dooley and Scott Dickie, Arlington CountyVA Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy ProgramsPresentation Video
April 16, 2018Stewart Schwartz, Coalition for Smart Growth and Edward Saltzburg, Economic Development Authority"Smart Growth - A Walkable, Competitive Future for Falls Church"Presentation Video
May 7, 2018Lisa Sturtevant, Lisa Sturtevant & AssociatesHousing TrendsPresentation Video
June 18. 2018Shelley Mastran & Virginia Tech Land use Planning StudentsWayfinding ReportSignage Report
Presentation Video
October 15, 2018Shaina Schaffer, City of Falls Church PlanningEnvision Guidance and Rating System for Sustainable InfrastructurePowerpoint (PDF)
Presentation Video
November 5, 2018 Chris Pyke, Ph.D. Research Officer U.S. Green Building Counci
The Built Environment and Carbon Emissions  
Powerpoint (PDF)
Presentation Video
(@ 1:18)
November 19, 2018Julie Herlands, AICP; TischlerBiseCity of Falls Church Fiscal Impact ModelPowerpoint (PDF)
Supporting Documents
Presentation Video

June 17, 2019John Hicks, Virginia Tech MURP GraduateManaging the Mobility Revolution: Policy Framework for Dockless MobilityPowerpoint (PDF)
Presentation Video
October 21, 2019David Cristeal, Arlington County Housing DirectorImplementing the Affordable Housing Master PlanPowerpoint (PDF)
Presentation Video
December 2, 2019Jack Wilbern, Architect, Butz-Wilbern LTDRailroad CottagesPowerpoint (PDF)
Presentation Video (@ 12:30)
January 21, 2020Gabriela Canamar Clark
Urban Design in the Suburban RealmPowerpoint (PDF)
Presentation Video (Audio @ 13:30)
September 16, 2020Jenny SchuetzHousing Needs and ChallengesPowerpoint (PDF)
Presentation Video (@ 8:15) 
October 21, 2020Tim Beatley, PhD., and JD BrownBiophilic Cities NetworkPresentation Video (@ 8:00)
June 2, 2021 Mike Novotny, Backyard Homes LLC.Accessory Dwelling Units Powerpoint (PDF)
Presentation Video 
September 1, 2021 Aileen Winquist, Arlington County; Hans Miller and Dave Gustafson, CFC Stormwater TaskforceStormwater IssuesArlington County Powerpoint (PDF); Stormwater Taskforce Briefing Powerpoint (PDF)
Presentation Video
October 6, 2021 Michael Curran, George Mason University
George Mason Student Study on Four Mile Run and Jefferson Street Corridor Renovation
Powerpoint (PDF)
Presentation Video