Curbside Food Waste Collection

The Curbside Compost program is a voluntary, fee-based service open to any City of Falls Church resident receiving curbside solid waste services. The City contracts with The Compost Crew to manage the program, which consists of weekly (Wednesday) pick-ups of food scraps and other organic matter. 

Diverting food scraps from the waste stream is relatively new to the DC region. While access has increased through private haulers, costs remain high ($32 per month is common).  Falls Church is leading the way to boost participation, reduce costs - and play an active role in the expansion of regional composting infrastructure.  


How It Works

Participants get an airtight bin and compostable liners to help keep everything tidy. After collection, The Compost Crew gives the bin a quick cleaning, replaces the compostable liner and takes the food waste to a composting facility where it is turned into a high-quality soil amendment.  Participants are rewarded with free finished compost each spring (you must opt-in with The Compost Crew to receive the free finished compost.)


What Food Waste is Collected

Unlike “vegan” compost programs, this service includes an expanded list of food scraps including meats, seafood, dairy, compostable plastics, pizza boxes (only greasy part), wax paper, etc. Visit our contractor’s website for a detailed list.


The cost is $8 per month or $88 per year for 7 gallon weekly service, or $15 per month or $165 per year for 12 gallon weekly service. The City pays the remaining 60% of the curbside cost. There is a one-time fee of $18 for 7 gallon bin, or $35 for 12 gallon bin to cover the setup and bin. This is a steal compared to average price of $32 a month in the DC region. 

How to Sign Up

Sign ups are managed by our contractor, The Compost Crew. Register online at

If you are unsure of eligibility or have any questions at all about composting, email the City’s Solid Waste Coordinator at, call us at 703-248-5466 (TTY 711).  

Why Compost?

Food scraps, spoiled food, food-soiled paper – collectively known as organics or organic waste – comprise around 25% of the waste inside an average Falls Church resident’s trash cart.

Instead of throwing away organic waste as trash, separate it for composting so it can enrich our environment, not damage it.

Residents of the City of Falls Church have long been among the top recyclers in Virginia.  And thanks to the early popularity of compost pilot programs, we are the first jurisdiction in the state to offer such a wide variety of composting options.  Give composting a try today and realize we are not that far away from a zero waste future! 

Download the "Compost Right" flyer for a printable list of items you can compost in the City of Falls Church. 

Other Compost Programs

Food Waste Drop-Off Station

In addition to the Curbside Compost program, the City maintains a 24/7 Food Waste Drop-Off station. Located beside the Tennis Courts behind the Community Center (223 Little Falls St.), the bins are available to anyone who lives or works in Falls Church. Learn more about the Food Waste Drop-Off Station

Compost Workshops

Learn how to compost at home!  The City offers classes each year to help residents get started, including a backyard composting workshop and a build your own composter class,  Visit our compost workshops page for current offerings.