Become a 2020 Census Partner

Why Partner?

Help people across your network by becoming an City of Falls Church Census Partner! Data collected from the 2020 Census is used to plan and provide services and support for the City community. By encouraging your members, customers, and network to participate in the 2020 Census you in turn are making a difference in the City's future.

Being an City of Falls Church 2020 Census Partner is easy!

Here is what you do:

  1. Sign up to be a Partner Organization through this link.
  2. Share information about the importance of participating in Census 2020 across your networks (the City will provide regular updates for you to share).
  3. Encourage everyone to Be Counted in Census 2020 between March and May 2020.

Benefits of Becoming a City of Falls Church Census Partner

  • Receive regular updates on 2020 Census news to share with across your network.
  • Access to 2020 Census fact sheets for your organization.