About the Treasurer

Jody Acosta, elected in July 2014, is the Treasurer for Falls Church. The Treasurer is an independent constitutional officer who answers directly to the voters of Falls Church. The Treasurer’s Office is partially funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia for the performance of state responsibilities.

The Treasurer is the chief banking officer for the City of Falls Church, and is responsible for collecting taxes and local fees, and making payments on behalf of the City, managing the investment of local funds, and maintaining records of local finances. Treasurer Acosta is responsible for every form of revenue which comes to the City of Falls Church, including:

  • Real estate taxes
  • Personal property taxes
  • License taxes
  • Sewage and stormwater charges
  • Permit fees
  • State income taxes
  • Court, sheriff, and clerk fees

The Treasurer’s Office works closely with the Commissioner of the Revenue, the Real Estate Assessor, and the Department of Finance to help ensure the best possible service to citizens.