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  1. Temporary Location Closing July 10 to Begin Library Move

    The library renovation and expansion project is coming to an end and the outside of the new library building is looking great! There’s still work that needs to be done on the inside including moving our entire collection into its new home and setting up public and staff spaces. Our temporary location (at 601 S. Oak St.) will close permanently and we will suspend curbside pickup service starting July 10 at 5 pm so we can begin the process of moving back into our library building at 120 N. Virginia Ave, which will re-open on Monday, August 16, at 10 am. Learn more...

Quick Picks for Curbside Pickup

Don’t want to scour the online catalog for specific books? Call the library at 703-248-5031 (TTY 711) and request a random assortment of materials. 

Our most popular Quick Pick options are Picture Books and Easy Readers.

Unfortunately, we are unable to take requests for ‘types’ of books in our Quick Pick selections, so if you prefer specific books or subjects we recommend you search for them in our online catalog and place them on reserve or request suggestions via our Personalized NextRead suggestions.

Quick Pick Options

Quick Pick Picture Books

Staff will pull up to 20 picture books for our curbside pick up. Titles are randomly selected.

Quick Pick Easy Readers

For children just starting to read independently, staff will pull a random assortment of 10 easy readers for our curbside pickup. If you have a reader in-between levels, you can select 5 from two categories. 

Easy Reader Levels

GREEN – Just starting out on their own. Basic vocabulary, short sentences, simple stories, and lots of pictures that have a direct connection to the words on the page.

YELLOW – Have been reading on their own for a little while, but still need help. Increased vocabulary, longer sentences, and longer stories with pictures that give visual clues.

ORANGE – Almost ready for short chapter books. Longer, more complex stories and sentences. Fewer pictures, not every action is illustrated. Often short chapters. 

Grab & Go

Adults need books too! Our Grab & Go options consist of 5 random adult books in a particular genre (Mystery, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance, General fiction). Just let us know you're interested in 5 Grab&Go items when you arrive for curbside. You never know what you'll get! 

Note: Some genres are easier to pull quickly than others due to spine labeling. If you are interested in more specific genres (ex. historical fiction, golden age mysteries, paranormal romance) or want want verified staff recommendations, try our Personalized NextRead suggestions!