Safety Tips

In order to keep your family safe, follow these tips:
  • Inoculateyour pet dogs, cats, and ferrets for rabies. Do not let your pets roam free as they are more likely to encounter a sick animal without your knowledge. Be especially careful when letting your pets out at night.
  • Do not feed wildlife. Observe wild animals from afar and never approach or try to pet a wild animal. Do not keep wild animals as pets. It is illegal and dangerous to expose your family to these animals. Educate your children about the dangers of approaching or petting wild animals.
  • If you should see a wild animal that appears to be overly friendly, staggering, with a wobbly gait, or just appears to be sick, get away from the animal and contact the Animal Control Officer or the Police Department immediately.
  • If you are bitten or scratched by any wild animal, contact the Animal Control Officer or Police Department immediately. Wash the wound immediately with soap and water. If possible, try and see where the suspect animal goes after the altercation. Rabies is fatal and can incubate in humans for months. If bitten or scratched, seek medical help immediately!
  • If your pet is in an altercation with a suspected rabid animal or any animal, minimize your contact with your pet until a veterinarian can examine the animal.
For more information, contact the Animal Control Officer, the Fairfax County Health Department, or the Centers for Disease Control.