Tax Exemption for Real Property Owned by Certain Non-Profit Organizations

Per Section 58.1-3651 of the Code of Virginia and City of Falls Church Resolution 2008-47, a nonprofit organization may apply for exemption from tax for certain property located within the City of Falls Church.

Deadline to Apply

Deadline to apply: September 30th for implementation no sooner than January 1st of the subsequent tax year or by Council authorized effective date

Primary Qualifications:

The organization is exempt from taxation pursuant to § 501 of the Internal Revenue Code

The request is consistent with the City Council adopted Vision, Comprehensive Plan, Legislation, and Regulations

The granting of exemption is the sole prerogative of the City Council of Falls Church as a matter of public policy and there is nothing in this procedure that may be interpreted as either requiring or prohibiting the granting of a request for exemption.

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Instructions for Application for Tax Exemption for Real Property owned by Nonprofit Organizations

Application for Tax Exemption 

Resolution 2008-47