Tree Care

The City of Falls Church Approach to Tree Care
There's a good reason the city has been named Tree City USA for over 30 years. The City's commitment to community forestry is unmatched. Below is information and a number of resources for taking care of trees on private property.
  1. Bay-Friendly Landscaping

    A homeowner's guide to creating a more bay-friendly property, including information on rain gardens, conservation landscaping, tree planting, rainwater harvesting devices, and permeable hardscapes.

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  2. Emerald Ash Borer

    There are many species of Ash trees and the Emerald Ash Borer will attack them all; the result is almost always fatal. Green and white ash trees are commonly found in this area.

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  3. Emergency

    Learn about tree-related emergencies and reporting them.

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  4. List of Licensed Tree Contractors

    In the City, tree care companies must have a license to work, meaning they have met minimum requirements such as insurance, workers' compensation, and the posting of a bond.

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  5. Mulching

    The City offers advice on mulching and watering trees. For more information, including how to "Mulch Out, Not Up," and the benefits of mulching, visit the mulching section.

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  6. Recommended Trees

    Recommended native floodplain species.

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