W&OD Trail Crossing

Status (Winter 2024)

The project was awarded to the construction contractor, Sagres in January 2024. The pre-construction meeting was held on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

About the Project

Project Goals: 

  • Safety – the project will improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists using the trail.
  • Urban Design – the project will reinforce the prominence of the W&OD Park.

The proposed trail crossings will significantly enhance the trail for users traveling through the City and could set a precedent for further improvements trail-wide, just as the first paved portion through the City was the beginning of a regional park and trail system that has grown to what it is today.

The project will improve the street crossing of the W&OD Trail at four locations in the City of Falls Church. The crossing locations are Little Falls Street, Great Falls Street, N Oak Street, and N Spring Street (See the Map).

At each trail crossing, there will be a narrowed street cross-section, and special paving, each crossing will be raised, and the design will include a sidewalk and lighting. The W&OD right of way is 100 feet wide, and the crossing treatment will include improvement to as much of this space as feasible. 

The W&OD Trail serves more than 1000 bicycle and pedestrian trips per day. The trail provides connections to major regional activity centers and transit stations. The trail side improvements and street crossings are identified in the City’s Comprehensive Plan as well as in the document “W&OD Park Master Plan-The City’s Greenest Street” which was adopted in April 2015.

The section of the W&OD trail within the City was first completed in 1974 and has proven to be a popular commuting and recreational facility. 


The project is federal (VDOT TAP) and locality funded, and the most recent cost estimate is $2,099,521.


  • Design was completed September 2022
  • Construction advertising date is at the end of May 2023
  • Construction will start in Spring 2024
  • Construction will be completed in the Fall of 2024


For more information about this project, please contact Ryan Borugerdi 571-369-1787 (TTY 711).