Government Operations Energy Action Plan


This Government Operations Energy Action Plan outlines a comprehensive list of strategies and supporting actions the City of Falls Church can implement to reduce energy use, deploy renewable energy, and lower GHG emissions from general government and school operations through 2030. By following the strategies and actions within this Plan through the end of this decade, the City will implement changes to its buildings and fleet to improve operations, increase efficiency, reduce emissions, and enhance the capacity of staff through training and education to help achieve the City’s vision. 

This effort builds upon years of effort and success where the City has improved buildings’ energy efficiency, increased the use of fuel-efficient vehicles and alternative fueled vehicles, and expanded the use of renewable energy. 


This Plan was developed through a multi-phase process that included technical work, stakeholder collaboration across departments in the general government and schools, and public engagement. To engage with all City departments, a virtual meeting open to all City staff was held to make employees aware of the Plan's development and provide an opportunity for input. 

Separately, the City held multiple meetings with key staff that manage the City’s fleet and facilities. The City also met with the ESC in March 2023 to provide an overview of the project and solicit feedback on the direction of the Energy Action Plan. These conversations informed the strategy framework, which was presented to the ESC on May 18, 2023. The ESC feedback and discussions with multiple City departments informed the final strategy framework. The City Council adopted the Plan in July 2023.

Reference: Modeling Documents