Compliments and Complaints

The City of Falls Church Police Department welcomes all feedback from the community regarding the performance of our personnel. We are always pleased to hear that an employee’s performance was outstanding, and all compliments will be forwarded to commended employees. When an employee fails to meet a community member’s expectations, the Falls Church Police Department is committed to investigate and resolve complaints received by the public in accordance with our Personnel Complaints policy.

Providing Feedback on an Employee’s Performance

While the City of Falls Church Police Department welcomes feedback from the public in any way they choose to provide it, we have created the Complaints and Commendations Form (fillable PDF) for convenience and consistency in collecting information. You can submit your completed form or any feedback directly to You can also submit a paper form or written comments by mail or drop-off in-person to the below address:

Falls Church Police Department
300 Park Ave.
Falls Church, VA 22046

While you are not required to provide your contact information, it is helpful in case we need to follow up with you to gather more information. If you have any questions or concerns following a submission, you may email or call 703-241-5052 (TTY 711).