Stormwater Credit Policy Task Force (Inactive)

On June 10, 2013, the City of Falls Church City Council adopted Stormwater Credit Program (Ordinance 1898) that will,
  • Provide a 30% discount for impervious areas draining to a registered Best Management Practice (BMP);
  • Provide a 10% discount for an approved Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP); and
  • Provide up to a 30% discount for water quantity runoff control resulting in peak mitigation for off-site waters and/or on site runoff in excess of code requirements.
Ordinance 1898 serves as the framework for the program, however, additional details need to be developed for calculation of credits and implementation of the program. To accomplish this process and stakeholder involvement, City Council desired the formation of a Stormwater Credit Task Force comprised of representatives from various sectors of the community.

To form this 10 member Stormwater Credit Task Force, the City Manager sought willing volunteers from stakeholders within the community and composed a group that was representative of the division of impervious cover in the City's watershed. The following members were chosen:
Association Representative
City Council
Ira Kaylin
Planning Commission
Ruth Rodgers
Environmental Service Council
Tim Stevens
Mixed-use Development
Joe Wetzel
Commercial Properties
Graham Eddy
Faith-based Community
Michael Volpe
Townhomes Jan Hertzsch
Apartments Jamiee Nix
Single-family Homes
Jeff Peterson
Single-family Homes
Joey Randahawa
The goal of the task force was to formalize a stormwater credit system that has a clear nexus between the intended effect and the benefit to the utility's mission. The group met 6 times to provide input into the credit policy. With this group, staff and AMEC personnel worked through potential methodologies for calculating and implementing stormwater credits in a system that collects a fee based on impervious coverage.

The task force was sunset upon reporting out on the final draft of the Stormwater Credit Policy before City Council on December 9, 2013.

Credit Policy Meetings
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