Employee of the Year

2016 Employee of the Year Nominations are Open

The Falls Church City Council and City Manager invite the submission of nominations for the 2016 Employee of the Year Award.

Nominations are due by Friday, March 3, 2017.

The 2015 Employee of the Year is
Master Police Officer/Detective Jennifer "Missy" Elliott. Read more about Missy and why she won this prestigious honor.

Nomination Form

2016 Nomination Process

The City of Falls Church Human Resources Division is accepting nominations for the 2016 “Employee of the Year” award. If you have observed an employee whom you feel merits consideration, please nominate them for this award.

  • Nominations may not be submitted by a member of the immediate family of the nominee or the nominee themselves
  • Appointed officials, elected officials and their employees, general managers, and division directors are not eligible
  • Eligibility for the award is open to all permanent full or part-time employees in the City's personnel system, provided the initial probationary period has been concluded successfully
  • TBD: Nominations to be submitted to Human Resources in 2017.
Examples of employees eligible for a nomination include: individuals who have improved service or cost savings for the City; a departmental leader or a leader in the community; a heroic act beyond the call of duty; exceptional performance in spite of limiting physical factors; and courage and initiative in overcoming handicaps.

Who May Nominate

The City Council encourages nominations from any of the following:
  • Any City employee of the general government
  • City citizens
  • Civic organizations or groups
  • Business and professional groups

About the Employee of the Year Award

The Employee of the Year Award was established in 1987 to grant recognition to a City employee for accomplishments of outstanding worth in advancing and improving public service in the City of Falls Church general government.

Accomplishments that are eligible for consideration will vary widely in form and substance due to the many different jobs city employees perform. They will be evaluated against criteria which examine gains achieved, overall impact of the accomplishment, and the environment in which the achievement took place.

    Selection Process

    The city Employees Review Board will receive the nominations and the supporting documentation and select the award recipient based on the facts presented. The recipient receives a cash award. Presentation of the award will be made by the Mayor and City Council at a council meeting in April.

    Employee of the Year Winners

    Year Winner Department
    2015 Missy Elliott Police Department
    2014 Megan Graham Court Services
    2013 Leslyn Barrow Housing and Human Services
    2012 Cary Frostick Mary Riley Styles Public Library
    2011 Susan Richter Housing and Human Services
    2010 Kathy Allan Environmental Services
    2009 Rachel Kindell Aurora House
    2008 Ed Lancaster Police Department
    2007 Marshall Webster Mary Riley Styles Public Library
    2006 Beverly Reich Human Resources
    2005 Debralee Woodbury Recreation and Parks
    2004 Jill Anne Spence Planning Department
    2003 Dan Ellis Police Department
    2002 Ali Khan Environmental Services
    2001 Deborah Taylor Registrar
    2000 Butch Goff Recreation and Parks
    1999 Linda Weikle Recreation and Parks
    1998 Danny Schlitt Recreation and Parks
    1997 Robert Goff Environmental Services
    1996 Dagmar McGill Mary Riley Styles Public Library
    1995 Donna Ahart Aurora House
    1994 Debra Gee Planning Department
    1993 Bruce Taylor Police Department
    1992 Ralph Lewis Environmental Services
    1991 Annette Mills Environmental Services
    1990 Melodie Baron Housing and Human Services
    1989 Sue Spiker City Attorney's Office
    1989 Lieutenant Greg King Police Department
    1988 Howard Herman Recreation and Parks
    1987 Robert Compher Environmental Services