New Massage Therapist Permits

To obtain a new Massage Therapist Permit in the City of Falls Church you must:

  1. Complete the Falls Church massage therapist permit application. Applications must be completely filled out and notarized prior to submission.

    Mandatory items for permit issuance are:
    • Completely filled out and notarized (by a Notary Public) massage therapist application
    • Copy of your Current Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Nursing Certificate to Practice as a Massage Therapist
    Desired items for permit issuance are:
    • Copies of your schooling documents
    • Copy of your national certification
  2. Mail or deliver the items from Step #1 (listed above) and a $50 application fee (checks made payable to City of Falls Church) to:

    300 Park Ave.
    Suite #201 West
    Falls Church, VA 22046

  3. The Treasurer’s Office will process the application fee and forward your application and all attached paperwork for review.
  4. You will be notified if you qualify to apply for a City of Falls Church Massage Therapist Permit and a time will be arranged for you to have your photograph and fingerprints taken.
  5. NOTE: For self-contractors that receive a 1099 tax form (not applicable to employees of massage businesses) — After a permit has been issued, you must obtain a business license from the Commissioner of the Revenue.
It is your responsibility as a licensed massage therapist in the City of Falls Church to read and understand the City ordinance for Massage Therapy Establishments and Services (Code of Ordinances, Part II, Chapter 8, Article II).

Questions regarding the application process or status of your application may be directed to Det. LeGrand-Douglass via email. Per City Code Section 8-76 the application process can take up to 21 days to complete.