Residential Curbside Services

Holiday Service Update

In observance of the July 4th holiday, trash, recycling, yard waste and compost collections scheduled for Wednesday July 4th will be postponed to Thursday July 5th. 

Trash is collected from curbside residential customers weekly on Wednesdays, year round (except on observed city holidays).

Set-Out Requirements

Place trash into the City provided gray rolling cart, personal containers, or sturdy trash bags. Routine household trash collection and special bulk collection services are provided for the removal of materials resulting from normal residential use and routine home maintenance.

Good Recycling
Solid waste from any work done by a contractor must not be included with regular household trash or special collections. Contractors must arrange for the removal of solid waste or contact a private company to make alternative collection and disposal arrangements.

Set out trash once a week on Wednesday. City-designated holidays are collected the following Saturday. Collections that take place one day before a City-designated holiday will occur as scheduled. The 2015 holiday collections and their collection days are listed below. Historically, routes are lighter during holiday weeks and your collection times will vary slightly.
Place the rolling cart (private container or bags) at the curb by 7 a.m. on Wednesday (or after 5 p.m. Tuesday evening). Containers must be returned to the side or rear of the residence by Wednesday evening. 

When waste day is rescheduled due to City-designated holidays, place rolling cart at the curb by 7 a.m. on Saturday and return cart by Saturday evening. 
Missed Collections
Missed collections must be reported by 10 a.m. the day after collection. Reporting the issue as soon as possible will often allow for same day service. Missed collections not handled on collection day will be handled Thursday morning. After submitting the request, please leave your items at the curb. To report a missed collection: 

Missed collections remain rare but we recognize the inconvenience of the situation each time they occur.  Prompt feedback will help ensure a timely solution.

Materials Not Collected With Weekly Trash
The following items can severely damage equipment. If your trash contains even a small amount of any of these materials, collection will not occur. Some of these items may be collected as a special bulk collection for a fee:

  • Bricks, concrete, block, rocks, stone
  • Construction debris
  • Contractor trash and construction debris
  • Dirt, sod, sand, railroad ties
  • Drywall, shingles, floor / ceiling tiles, lumber, asbestos
  • Furniture and other items that are too large or heavy to fit inside a trash container
  • Hazardous waste
  • Metal (large items)
  • Paint cans with wet paint
  • Sheets of glass, windows, mirrors
  • Stumps and trees
  • Tires
  • Yard waste and brush
Self-Haul Option
Trash and small amounts or construction debris are accepted, for a fee, at the Fairfax County Transfer Station:
  • 4618 West Ox Road
  • Fairfax, VA 22030
Call 703-631-1179 (TTY 711) for more information.

Penalties and Violations
Violations are subject to a civil penalty of $100 for the first violation and $150 for each subsequent violation.

Important Numbers
  • Solid Waste Code Enforcement: 703-248-5456 (TTY 711)
  • Solid Waste Hotline and Other Questions: 703-248-5160 (TTY 711)