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Community Workshop: Vision for the City of Falls Church

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About the Comp Plan
The City's Comprehensive Plan ("Comp Plan") is a policy document that guides the City for a 20-year period. Topic areas include land use, economic development, community character, natural resources, parks and recreation, transportation, housing, and historic preservation. All Capital Improvements Programs and new land development projects are analyzed to evaluate consistency with the Comprehensive Plan.

The current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in November 1997, and state law requires that municipal plans be reviewed every five years. The City Council adopted an updated version of the Comprehensive Plan on October 24, 2005, following a two-year public review process.

Comprehensive Plan Table of Contents
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Hard Copies
Hard copies are available for review in the Planning Division and at the Mary Riley Styles Public Library (120 Virginia Avenue). Copies of individual chapters or the entire Comprehensive Plan may be printed from this page or at the Mary Riley Styles Library.