Street sweeping reduces the volume of pollutants entering local streams through the city's 900 storm drain openings. Each cycle of street sweeping collects between 40 and 50 tons of debris from city streets and keeps it out of our streams.

The materials intercepted include heavy metals, trash, and general sediment. The city anticipates collecting 200-250 tons of debris from 5 sweep cycles throughout the year.
Street Sweeper
Sweeping Schedule
The Spring/Summer 2016 street sweeping schedule is as follows, but is subject to change without notice:
  • March 7-11
  • April 11-15
  • June 13-17
  • July 11-15
  • September 12-16
Sweeping Days
The week schedule is as follows:
  • Monday and Tuesday: residential areas south of Broad Street
  • Wednesday: commercial areas and municipal parking areas
  • Thursday and Friday: residential areas north of Broad Street
Prepare for Street Sweeping
Residents are asked to assist by moving vehicles off of residential streets between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. when street sweeping is scheduled for your area. Parked vehicles reduce the effectiveness of the sweepers because most debris and pollutants accumulate in the gutter pan.


City residents who have questions about street sweeping or the schedule may contact the Department of Public Works, Assistant Superintendent at 703-248-5176 (TTY 711).