South Washington St. Multimodal Improvements

Construction Status

Construction for utility undergrounding will begin at the end of September 2017 through spring of 2018. The work will occur weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Access for businesses and residents will remain open. The scope of this project includes installation of underground conduit, junction boxes, and vaults. IT will require coordination with utility providers such as Dominion. For more information, please refer to this letter to residents

Project Scope

In a 2008 study, funded by a grant from the Council of Governments (COG), the need and viability for transportation improvements along the S. Washington Street corridor were assessed.

The goals of this study were to:
  • Encourage multi-modal transportation options
  • Create a more walkable corridor
  • Connect the area to City Center, North Washington Street, and the East Falls Church Metro Station
The study concluded that there were definite needs for improvement along this corridor. $2.7 million in federal and state funds were designated for an Intermodal Transit Plaza, whose construction is bound by federal milestone dates.

Working in conjunction with VDOT and Fairfax County, City staff have generated a comprehensive plan to address the additional deficiencies. Input garnered at community meetings held earlier in 2013 was taken into consideration, and the current plan reflects that feedback.

The South Washington Street Multimodal Improvements will create a transit plaza at South Washington Street and Hillwood Avenue to encourage multi-modal transportation options, increase pedestrian accessibility along South Washington Street, and connect the South Washington Street Planning Opportunity Area to the City Center, North Washington Street, and the East Falls Church Metro Station. 

S Washington Street Multimodal Improvements

Presentation and Concept Drawings

The following improvements are planned:
  • Transit plaza at Hillwood Avenue and S Washington Street which will include bus shelters, benches, and bike racks
  • Intersection changes at Hillwood Avenue and South Washington Street including new traffic signals, pedestrian push buttons, intersection geometric changes, and removal of the "free right" turn lane from north bound South Washington Street to Hillwood Avenue
  • Crosswalks at the Hillwood Avenue South Washington Street intersection
  • Streetscape along both sides of South Washington Street from Annandale Road to Tinner Hill which will include brick pavers, street lighting, street trees, and American with Disabilities Act curb ramps
  • Interpretive signage and paving
  • Landscaping and rain gardens 
This multimodal project is funded through a combination of grant funds from the Federal Transit Administration, Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, and Six-Year Improvement Program/Urban funds.  


Schedule and Status

Current Status:
Construction - Utility undergrounding
Design - Completing final plans for streetscape 

Next Steps:
Utility Undergrounding: Construction complete spring 2018
Washington Gas Relocation: Spring 2018 - Winter 2018
Streetscape Construction Start: Winter 2018 - Winter 2019

Public Meetings

2015 December 15 Update
2015 March 26 Stakeholder Meeting

2015 February 26 Stakeholder Meeting

2014 May 27 Traffic Analysis

2013 October 28 Adopted S Washington Area Plan


2013 May 6 City Council Meeting

2013 May 6 Public Meeting

2013 January 11 Public Meeting

Contact Information

Any questions related to this project, please contact James Mak at 703-248-5105 (TTY 711) or by email.