Green Home Award Program

Falls Church City Green Home Award Program
Awarded by the Building Safety Division, this program highlights residential construction projects that have been monitored by a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Certified Rater and have shown to conform to 1 of several approved residential green building certification programs.

Homeowners and developers who choose to participate in the Falls Church City Green Home Award Program will be awarded for doing something positive to improve the sustainability of the environment and the community.

Sign Up
Customers can sign up for the program at the time of permit application and must submit copies of their certification guidelines and their contract with the HERS Certified Rater. They are then provided a yard sign declaring their participation in the program.

Project Completion
Once construction is completed, the customer will submit the final report from the HERS Certified Rater testifying successful completion of the program. The customer will then receive an award, which will be announced by City Council and on this Website.