Your Account

You can access your account online by clicking on the "Login" link in the web catalog. You will need to log in using your library PIN and your library card bar code number. The bar code number should begin with 22766. Once you have accessed your personal account you can:
  • Change personal information.
  • Change your password.
  • Opt in to a "patron history" function, which will record items you have checked out. The patron history is only visible through your personal record. Staff has no access to your history.
  • Place holds.
  • Renew items.
  • See what you have checked out and when the items are due.
  • Send a message to staff.
Missing Pins
A default PIN of 1111 was assigned to your account when it was created, but if you have trouble logging in, contact the Circulation Desk at 703-248-5031.

Library patron records are strictly confidential and protected from disclosure by the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

Code of Virginia
Read the Section 2.1-342 (B) code online. In accordance with authority provided in the Virginia Code, the Mary Riley Styles Public Library will deny to any other individual or entity information on:
  • Patron circulation records
  • Patron registration records
  • Reference questions asked by individuals
You have the right to receive information about your own record after providing personal identification when making an inquiry.

This means the following things:
  • Patrons may receive information about their own records only (details about a missing book, for example).
  • Patrons may pay fines for other family members, but can be told only the amount due, not the specific titles overdue or missing.
  • Upon request, specific titles of overdue materials or information on fines due will be emailed to the person who has checked the items out.
  • Notification of reserves placed on library materials will be emailed to the patron who placed the reserve.
  • Reserved materials may be picked up by someone who has the patron's card, has written authorization from the patron, or who has been given permission to pick up the patron's holds via a note on the patron's account.
  • Exception: Parents or legal guardians may opt to have full or limited access to the records of their dependents under the age of 14 by filling out a form at the Circulation Desk. Upon reaching the age of 14 a child's record becomes fully confidential.
The text of the library's confidentiality policy, adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Mary Riley Styles Public Library, is available for examination. Any problems relating to the privacy of a patron through the records of the library may be referred to the Library Director.