Email Notifications

Email Notifications
All library notices (courtesy reminder notices, overdue notices, hold notices, etc.) are delivered by email. The library does not mail notices of any kind, but patrons who do not have an email address in their record receive phone notification when their holds are ready for pickup. We highly encourage patrons to keep their email addresses up to date.

Courtesy Reminder Notices
The library automatically sends a reminder notice by email 3 days before an item is due. The library cannot guarantee delivery of this reminder, since incorrect email addresses, spam blockers, server errors, full inboxes, and other contingencies can always disrupt email service. The patron is still responsible for returning or renewing borrowed materials on time.

Spam Blockers
Spam blocking programs may label library email notices as junk mail and send them to a junk mail folder or delete them altogether. You can call the Library IT Department at 703-248-5174 if you are having trouble receiving Library emails.

Email Policy
Worried about getting junk mail or spam? The library considers all patron information to be confidential. The library does not divulge an individual's email address or any other personal information to outside parties. The library will not use your email address for any purpose other than sending notices.