Sale of the Falls Church Water Utility to Fairfax Water

On January 3, 2014, the sale of the Falls Church Water Utility was complete, giving ownership of the system to Fairfax Water. All customers of the Falls Church Water Utility automatically became customers of Fairfax Water on that date. A short timeline of the process:
  • November 2012: The City of Falls Church, Fairfax Water, and Fairfax County, with the assistance of a federal mediator, agreed on terms for the sale of the Falls Church Water Utility to Fairfax Water.
  • November 2013: The sale of the system was approved by the voters of the City of Falls Church by referendum in November 2013.
  • December 2013: A Special Court appointed by the Virginia Supreme Court approved the boundary adjustment agreement portion of the sale agreement.
In short, the settlement called for Fairfax Water's purchase of the Falls Church water system for $40 million, the reduction in water rates to customers in the Falls Church system's service area, certain adjustments of the City's boundary line (Boundary Adjustment Agreement PDF) with Fairfax County, the settlement of all litigation between them, and employment for Falls Church Water Utility employees.
Existing Water Accounts
All existing water accounts automatically became customers of Fairfax Water.  There is no need to open an account with Fairfax Water if you had an existing account with Falls Church Water Utility.  All services previously provided by the Falls Church Water Utility are now being handled by Fairfax Water.  Please contact Fairfax Water Customer Service for further information.
Existing Sewer Accounts
All existing sewer accounts remained under the management of the City of Falls Church Sewer Fund.  However, the customer service for sewer accounts and billing was contracted to Fairfax Water.  Requests for service to the sewer lines should be directed to the City of Falls Church Department of Public Works.  More information on the Falls Church Sewer Fund can be found here.