Sewer Rehabilitation Project

The City of Falls Church sanitary sewer rehabilitation project is ongoing. The project is part of the former Public Utilities Department's Comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Improvement Plan developed in 2003, which outlines a phased program of sewer system evaluation and rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation extends the life of the existing sewer mains and, by reducing the amount of inflow of stormwater and ground water, is expected to reduce the treatment costs paid by the City and its ratepayers.
The Lining Process
Am-Liner East, the city's contractor, will inspect and then perform the lining process on the sewer mains to be rehabilitated. To allow for staging room around manholes and to maintain traffic on streets, temporary no-parking zones may be designated as necessary. Please check the Citywide Notices website calendar for upcoming dates.

Affected customers will be notified and provided with more detailed information before the sewer line serving their residence or business is scheduled for rehabilitation.