Master Plan & Expansion


On November 8, 2016, Falls Church residents passed a referendum authorizing the City to fund an $8.7M renovation and expansion of the library. City Council subsequently approved the project as part of the FY18 Capital Improvement Plan.

The library is now beginning preliminary planning, which will include hiring an architectural firm and conducting an architectural and engineering review of the existing building and site. Construction is projected to begin in 2019.

Updates and additional information will be posted here as the project moves forward.

Referendum Question on Library Expansion & Renovation

On July 25, 2016, the Falls Church City Council passed an ordinance authorizing a referendum for the library's proposed expansion and renovation project. The following question appeared on the November 8, 2016 ballot:


Shall the City of Falls Church, Virginia, be authorized to contract a debt and issue its general obligation bonds in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed Eight Million Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars ($8,700,000.00) for the purpose of paying the costs incident to constructing, expanding, renovating, reconstructing, replacing in one or more locations, equipping and/or reequipping, in whole or in part, a Public Library including an Archive/Heritage Center, and shall Ordinance No. 1960 of the City authorizing the issuance of such bonds be effective? 

Animated Overview of Library Building Project
FCCTV has created a brief animated overview of the proposed building project. The video can be viewed below or via YouTube.

Town Hall Meeting
The Library Board of Trustees hosted a Town Hall Meeting on July 20, 2016, to showcase the expansion and renovation project. The video can be viewed below or via YouTube.

Board Presentation at Public Meeting on February 5, 2015

The Library Board of Trustees held a public meeting on Thursday, February 5, 2015 to explain and discuss the proposed library expansion and renovation for the FY16 Capital Improvements Plan. Displays with conceptual views of the project were available for review and a brief PowerPoint overview was presented.

At the end of the presentation, the Board also showed an alternative conceptual rendering of a possible library expansion at Mason Row that had just been received that afternoon. No further details regarding the size, cost, or actual location of this proposal accompanied the rendering. As more information is received, we will post it on this site.

Master Plan Addendum

An Addendum to the Master Plan was presented to the Council and Planning Commission on January 5, 2015 by library consultants from McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture and EsoArc Studio. It proposes an expansion plan that could be accomplished in one of two ways--an east or west addition--along with a potential renovation plan of the current building on its present site. The cost of either option is estimated at approximately $8M, adds 6,600 sq. ft. of new space, and completely renovates the existing facility. The additional space would provide: expanded children's and young adult spaces, new meeting room space for programs and community use, additional space for all collections and Local History, and expanded study spaces.The renovation of the current facility would provide more energy efficient lighting, replace the heating and air conditioning system and plumbing infrastructure, replace the aging elevator, create larger public restrooms, and improve the layout so it maximizes workflow and use of adjacencies in the building. Renovation would also bring the current facility into American with Disabilities Act compliance.

The Addendum also contains conceptual designs and a cost estimate for an adjacent parking deck. The deck would be a separate, but parallel, Capital Improvement Project and is not part of the library's expansion and renovation cost estimate.

Master Plan Background

On October 16, 2013 the Library Board of Trustees received and accepted the final draft Master Plan Development and Space Study Review for the Mary Riley Styles Public Library as presented by a team of consultants in response to a city Request for Proposal issued in November 2012. This draft plan outlined a study of the existing programs and services of the library with recommendations on what was needed in the future. It also provided documentation on the existing facility's space shortfalls, ADA issues, and mechanical and equipment needs now and for the future. Based upon the growth in population over the next 20 years and the library programs and services projected for that time frame, it suggested what space will need to be added to meet those needs. View the Complete Draft Master Plan Development and Space Study Review.
It included options with conceptual drawings on how to address the expanded space needs while remaining in the current location of the present library, which was strongly expressed as a "want" by the public. It also included approximate costs for those expansion concepts.

The Library Board of Trustees submitted a FY15 Capital Improvement Project budget request to raze and rebuild the library on its current site. However, Council adopted an $8M budget for a library expansion project and asked that conceptual plans be revised to show what could be provided for that amount of money. The resulting Master Plan Addendum was then drawn up and submitted to Council and the Planning Commission at the January 5, 2015 joint work session. 

Public Comments

The Library Board continues to solicit public input about the library's proposed library expansion and renovation project.
Responses can be made by email or by letter addressed to the Board of Trustees at the following address:
120 N. Virginia Ave.
Falls Church, VA. 22046