Housing & Human Services

Housing and Human Services (HHS) works to build a stronger and healthier community through a range of comprehensive services that address the needs of city residents and facilitate community development.

HHS provides an assortment of housing and human services to help build better lives for City residents and their families. Some services include short-term case management, resource and referral, senior services, landlord and tenant complaints, housing search assistance and fair housing investigation.

HHS also provides staff liaisons to the Human Services Advisory Council and Housing Commission.


2017 Tax Relief and Rent Relief Applications

The 2017 Tax Relief Application Packets for Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes and Rent Relief program for the elderly and disabled City residents are available. The deadline date for filing is April 15, 2017.
Eligibility Information for each program
There is information and applications available for Real Estate Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans or Surviving Spouse and an Exemption for Surviving Spouse of Service Member Killed in Action.

For more information on the above programs contact:
        Rent Relief program only - 703-248-5005 (TTY 711) or email
        Real Estate/Personal Property and Exemptions - 703-248-5047 or email

Dental Clinic Fee Reduction Program

City of Falls Church residents may request a reduction for the dental clinic cost. To apply for the program a "Request for Fee Reduction" application form and supporting documentation must be submitted. All residents, from City residents, will be evaluated based on overall household income and size relative to the financial assistance eligibility scale which is included with the application. Follow this link for the application and instructions

The Kensington Subsidy Program

Through an agreement between The Kensington and the City of Falls Church, Housing and Human Services is offering eligible seniors the opportunity to participate in a subsidized assisted living program at this facility.  You may qualify if you are a resident of the City or have a family member who is a resident, are age 62 or older, and meet income eligibility guidelines.  Detailed Information