Housing Services

Housing and Human Services makes affordable home ownership and rental opportunities available to residents of all income levels. Housing services also include providing grants to nonprofit organizations for job training, literacy, and other community development programs.
  1. Affordable Dwelling Unit Program

    Learn about the city's Affordable Dwelling Unit Program.

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  2. Founders Row Flyer    
  3. Affordable Housing Development

    The 1st stage of the affordable housing development strategy was initiated by negotiating with developers for affordable dwelling units (ADUs) to be integrated into multi-family residential development projects. The 2nd stage of the affordable housing strategy will be to identify and redevelop a site-specific project that will produce affordable housing opportunities.
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  4. Apartments and Condominiums

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  5. Fair Housing Information

    Learn about fair housing laws and where to submit a complaint if needed.

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  6. Home Ownership

    Housing and Human Services provides a range of home ownership programs to make affordable housing attainable for more residents.

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  7. Tenant, Landlord & Property Assistance

    Housing and Human Services (HHS) provides a number of resources for landlords and tenants.

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  8. Rental Assistance

    Although there is no public housing in the City of Falls Church, Housing and Human Services provides an array of assistance to make renting more affordable.

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