Affordable Dwelling Unit Program

Affordable Homeownership Program

The City of Falls Church Affordable Homeownership Program (AHP) works to make homeownership more affordable and accessible by providing homeownership opportunities in the City to income-qualified buyers.

For more information, visit the City's AHP website.

About the Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) Program

The Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU) program offers homes throughout the city at a percentage of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Area Median Income (AMI). There are income limits on how much a household can make depending on the AMI percentage. Please see the most current income limit details here.  While there is no minimum income, generally a resident should be paying 30% of their income in housing costs, as anything over that amount is considered to be housing cost burdened. 

Please also note that these rents are listed as the rate a resident would be paying.  They are non-negotiable and subject to change each year depending HUD’s AMI.  Please see the most current rental rates here.

Please note that the City of Falls Church manages the ADU process, and not the properties themselves.  If you have any questions regarding the process, please reach out to us.  If you have any questions about the property, property policies, property amenities/features please reach out to that individual community.

Homes are limited and are offered based on availability and priority status.  

  • A priority status of one is given to those 62 years of age or older who live in and work for/in the city; those with disabilities who live in and work for/in the city; as well as those who are homeless.
  • A priority status of two is given to those who live in or work for/in the city.  
  • A priority status of three is given to those 62 years of age or older; those with disabilities who do not live in or work in the city; as well as all other applicants who do not live in or work in the city limits.

Priority statuses are verified through the application process.  Applicants should verify their home/work addresses  before applying.  In addition to the City of Falls Church, which is its own jurisdiction, there is “Falls Church” which is part of Fairfax County, as this can be confusing, please reach out to us with your address if need be to determine whether or not it is in the city limits.

Note: The homes offered are not subsidized, and we unfortunately do not manage the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program through the city.  Please contact Fairfax County for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Please view the ADU Program Fact Sheet  for further details.

Available Rental Affordable Dwelling Units (ADUs)

The following communities currently offer the ADU program and applicants are certified by Housing and Human Services:

The following communities currently offer the ADU program and applicants are certified by the communities:

Please understand that the waitlist is lengthy, and we are unable to provide a timeline or estimate on when a home may be available.  Once a home is available we will contact you for more information.

ADU Program Forms by Process/Phase

Below are the forms for the different phases of the ADU program.  These phases include the initial waitlist application, the unit acceptance instructions and forms, and annual recertification forms.

Phase 1: Initial Application Forms & Instructions

The below instructions will give you guidance on the program and give an overview of the process.  The application should be completely filled out and accurate so you are given the correct priority status upon us receiving it.

Note: we do not need any supporting documents beside the completed application if you are applying to be on the waitlist.

Phase 2: Unit Acceptance Forms & Instructions

Once we have contacted you, and let you know a home is available, should you accept the home, and wish to move forward, the following forms must be reviewed and completed.

Note: Please do not fill out these forms and turn them in unless you have been asked to do so.  They are date specific, and will most likely have to be re-done when submitted without being prompted.

Phase 3: Annual Recertification Forms & Instructions

We will generally reach out to ADU residents sixty days before your lease expires for recertification.  The following forms are part of the recertification process and need to be reviewed and completed to recertify.

Fill out this form for anyone in the household who is unemployed, but eligible to be employed. 

Program Terms