Photo Requests & Use

The Mary Riley Styles Public Local Library History Collection contains thousands of photographic prints, negatives, and documents (mostly pertaining to the City of Falls Church and its surroundings). Because these materials do not circulate, the Mary Riley Styles Public Local Library History Collection offers digital scanning and photographic reproduction services in order to provide patrons with copies of desired photographic images and related materials (such as drawings, maps, and documents).
  1. Copies

    Explore different ways you can copy our historical documents.

  2. Delivery Time & Order Limits

    Learn about delivery times and order limits.

  3. Emailing, Faxing, & Postage

    Review information about sending your copies.

  1. Government Agency & Commission Requests

    If you're a part of the Falls Church government or a commission, you may be offered special access to historical documents.

  2. Permissions, Copyright & Attribution

    See information about copyright and other legal concerns.

  3. Placing Requests & Prices

    See how much a request will cost you and how to pay and make your request.