Photo Requests & Use

  1. Temporary Location Closing July 10 to Begin Library Move

    The library renovation and expansion project is coming to an end and the outside of the new library building is looking great! There’s still work that needs to be done on the inside including moving our entire collection into its new home and setting up public and staff spaces. Our temporary location (at 601 S. Oak St.) will close permanently and we will suspend curbside pickup service starting July 10 at 5 pm so we can begin the process of moving back into our library building at 120 N. Virginia Ave, which will re-open on Monday, August 16, at 10 am. Learn more...

The Mary Riley Styles Public Local Library History Collection contains thousands of photographic prints, negatives, and documents (mostly pertaining to the City of Falls Church and its surroundings). Because these materials do not circulate, the Mary Riley Styles Public Local Library History Collection offers digital scanning and photographic reproduction services in order to provide patrons with copies of desired photographic images and related materials (such as drawings, maps, and documents).